Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We are getting flurries here this morning. Very little. If you don't stare at them, you won't see them. So why am I staring out the window? You would think I had nothing to do!

There isn't too much going on here. Today we have nothing to do in the afternoon. I am a little sad that I haven't been out that much this winter. I don't think I suffer per se from Seasonal Affective Disorder and yet my energy level is not as good in the winter as it should be. In the summer, I buzz around like crazy. I am not sure if it's the gloomy color of gray that does it to me. I keep thinking that winter is the time when you can't be outside comfortably, so why wouldn't you want to do more during that time inside? Maybe it's the overwhelming amount of stuff that needs to be accomplished? I am not sure, but I wish I had the answers.

Monday we stayed home after school. I puttered around picking stuff up and cleaning. Yesterday we had ice skating in the afternoon and then Bill and I had a meeting at 6:00 pm at the house.

Ping was really cute yesterday. On the way to ice skating she starts asking about what we are going to do with the clothes that no longer fit her. Out of the blue, Ping often starts these conversations. I guess this stuff just runs through her mind. Anyway, I proceed to tell Ping that we hold onto the clothes that no longer fit her because in the event of adopting another little girl younger than her, we can pass them on to her. Just the good stuff obviously, not the clothes with holes or that have stains that don't budge. So Ping says "Mama, I will share, you need to get a little girl that is younger than me, so she can wear my clothes." So I proceed to explain to her again that we don't always get what we would like. We would just have to see what comes along if anything comes along! So I said to Ping "if we have a little girl that is younger and smaller, she will wear her clothes, okay?" Ping responds with "Okay Mama, that works for me." Thank god it works for her today! Tomorrow she won't want to share her clothes. I love how her mind works.

Well off to put away a few things before picking up the little darling.

Stay warm my friends.

Mama Out!!!!

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