Monday, February 8, 2010

We are due for more snow!

Please winter, you must go away. Bill is delighted. He loves snow. He was disappointed we didn't get the snow storm that DC got. They just upped the amount we may get on Wednesday and Thursday. Snow is pretty at first. Then it's messy and dangerous and downright dirty looking.

Today was a swell day. I got a ton of items done. I am currently working on a few car issues. Booked an appointment for my fluffy Sasha. Delivered a treatment to Neesha and Sasha for heart worm. We do this monthly now for these two girls. I can't get Sophie, so she doesn't get the treatment. I can only hope that we never run into any issues with heart worm for her. I tackled CVS, the cleaners, Walmart and Price Chopper as well.

Bill had the Masons tonight, so I put Ping to bed. After I read her a book, we chatted in bed. I think I fell asleep before her!!!! I did wake up obviously. Not till around 10:00 pm though.

We got two deliveries today. Nothing great. Ping decided that the boxes were hers. See photos below.

Ping just got rid of a cold maybe two days ago? She is starting to sneeze again. Now I am as well. I hope we are not headed down the road for another cold. Maybe it's an allergy?

Well off to post a few pictures. Stay warm.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

Think we will ever be allowed to adopt again? I can see it now. "Mrs. Cummings, sure you could adopt again, but you can't afford comfortable seating for the child you have now, how do you expect to take care of more children?"

I love my Daddy.

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