Sunday, February 7, 2010

The weekend goes by too fast

Friday night I took Ping to her dancing class and then the three of us went to Holliston. Ping had a birthday party to attend. Bill and I went out for a very quick dinner. The food was good, but we were so rushed because we had to get back to pick up Ping.

Yesterday we had a crazy day. We got up early and headed to Foxboro for a Chinese New Year party. We had a nice time. They have a silent auction, a huge raffle, tons of crafts for the kids, they can get their nails painted if they want too, Chinese dancing and a few vendors for shopping. We got Ping a lion. She wanted one desperately. It's bright pink and it's similar to a puppet. We also got her two little Chinese doll figurines and a small satin figure for her room. The dancing was great. The food is horrendous. It was last year as well. I really don't care, but I just can't get over how horrible it is. The raffle things are cool. I didn't bid on any silent auction items. There was a huge embroidery piece. It was gorgeous. It was really large. I wasn't sure where we would hang it, so I decided against it.

We spent the rest of the night home.

Today Bill is at a fire call, Ping is watching TV and I am getting a few things done at my desk including catching up here.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Mama Out!!!!!!

This is Ping's friend Molly. She lost her tooth at dance. Too cute.

Ping is wearing her traditional Chinese dress.

Sitting in a Barbi chair.

Standing on stage.



Daddy love.

Daddy love.

Our little lion.

Trying on a mask.

Ping with the lion head and the dragon.

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