Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So done with snow

I know it's pretty, but it's time to hear the birds chirping. Bill got up really early for work today. He does on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, I woke up with him. I fall back to sleep and the phone rings. It's a message from Ping's school. There is early dismissal. So she has school, but everyone else gets out early. I stumbled back into bed and fell back to sleep.

At 7:20 am, the alarm went off. I woke up. I was afraid I wouldn't. When I wake up one hour before the alarm goes off, I fall into a deep sleep and it's hard for me to wake up. I woke up and saw that Ping was still sleeping. She is usually up and staring at me. She is eager to go to school every day. Not today. She just kept sleeping. I made the executive decision to just keep her home.

Yesterday I went to see my sleep apnea doctor. Nothing different there. Then we did two errands. While we were out doing errands, Ping passed out and laid her face on the zipper of her coat. When she woke up, she had these red marks all over her face. She has a cold. I knew when I saw how sleepy she was, that the cold was doing a number on her. So between her sleeping in the car, being sleepy last night, tossing and turning like crazy and then not waking up for school, I knew she needed her rest.

Ping always wants to go to school, but today when she woke up, she said she would like to stay home today. It's only a cold. She doesn't have a fever. I know because I checked. Every cold is different. She literally just got rid of the last one a few days ago. This is a new one. I can always tell because they begin the same way. She is obviously just tired from continuously fighting them off. She is such a good sport about them too.

I wasn't so keen on jumping out of bed, so staying home wasn't a problem, but I did feel guilty. She has vacation next week. I hate to see her out three days before. However, I did what I felt I needed to do.

I did take Ping ice skating last night. She was fine at that, but Bill and I both agreed that she was a little whiny. That is usually a good sign that she is feeling off. Not that she can't be whiny for the sake of being whiny!

Ping spent the day curled up in her bean bag watching her favorite shows. She was pretty subdued. I kept asking her if she was okay. She kept saying yes. She is afraid to say she is sick because she thinks that every time she is sick, she has to go to the doctor's and get a shot. I keep telling her that we don't run to the doctor's for everything. I was only asking in case I thought she could benefit from a little Motrin.

I spent the day bundling up the rest of my files in my filing cabinet. I assembled our taxes for the accountant and I rearranged my other filing cabinet. I feel good that I got all of that accomplished. I got a few other things done as well. Things I was putting off. Again, like I have said in the last few days, I just can't seem to get my projects done. I can't seem to stay focused. I am not sure why.

Well that is all for this evenings edition.

Mama Out!!!!!

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