Friday, February 5, 2010


Well the project I am doing is downright boring, so I thought I would catch up here. It's not like me to not finish a project, but I just am not enjoying going through my filing cabinets and bundling up last years bills!

Yesterday was a quiet day. We spent the afternoon at home. Ping watched her favorite PBS shows and I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. I have to say that some time in the afternoon, I sat with Ping and closed my eyes. For some reason I could not stay awake yesterday. Everything was an effort.

I did happen to have a decent night. I used my massage gift certificate and had an hour long massage. Very enjoyable. Unfortunately, I am very achy today. That happens to me usually, so I anticipated it.

We are home for the afternoon until I take Ping to her Creative Movement class. I am trying to work on the files, but like I said, I wanted to stop in here. Tonight is a busy night. Bill is meeting us at her dance class and then we are going to drop Ping off at a PJ Birthday party. She is bringing her nightgown and Rico, her stuffed penguin. While she is at the party, we have decided that since we need to stay in the area, we will have dinner out alone. Just the two of us. Forgot what that was like! Not complaining though because I love having Ping with me all the time. It will be a nice treat though. I have a feeling that Ping is going to have a ton of fun and be totally exhausted by the time we get her home and plunked into bed.

Tomorrow we have a really busy day too. Hopefully she won't be too tired to enjoy tomorrow.

Enjoy your Friday!

Mama Out!!!!!!!!!!!

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