Friday, February 26, 2010


Ping had skating Tuesday night. She did really well. They tested all of the kids on their skills. She is right on the cusp of going into the next class. This is a really tough age to teach skating. They have limited attention spans. I am not going to sign her up for the next 8 weeks as I have a few things coming up and she would have to miss class. I will sign her up for the next session. The break may be good for her.

I am dragging today something awful today.. I can't stop yawning and dreaming of sleep. I really can't complain because I slept in Wednesday morning. Ping didn't have school. It was canceled due to snow. We stayed home all day. I slept in the morning and did a few things in the afternoon. It rained in the afternoon, so it got rid of a lot of the snow that had accumulated.

Since I was home all Wednesday, I decided to make yesterday my errand day. Of course it was raining like cats and dogs. I went to the bank, Walmart, accountant and the post office. I then had to pick up Ping. We spent the rest of the day in the house. I didn't want to get any wetter than I already had and Ping has a new cold. The poor thing has the worst drippy nose! I hope she is feeling better soon. She is a germ magnet.

Today I woke up late. I hardly ever do that anymore. I jumped out of bed at 8 am and told Ping to hurry. I threw on my clothes from yesterday and drove her to school. Once I got home I showered. I hate starting my morning off like that. It just seems to exaggerate everything. This afternoon, I took Ping to dancing. I sat there bored stiff. My friend didn't come and I didn't have a magazine. So I sat there trying not to fall asleep.

We actually just ate dinner, which is really early for us. We are now going to take the bugger up to bed. I certainly didn't share much in this post. I am actually so tired, I can't concentrate. I didn't want to get too far behind though, so decided to pop in.

Mama Out!!!!!!

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