Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yamira isn't just clumsy

We were supposed to get up this morning and head out together to get some stuff done, but it didn't work out that way. Bill got up late and so I stayed in bed and asked him to take the girls to school. Bill also picked up Yamira from school. I was ready, but doing a few last minute things before heading out the door. We got gas, headed to the post office and then to a doctors appointment for Yamira. Yamira has been taking ice skating lessons and her coach noticed that she can't skate straight. I told the coach that it's because Yamira has problems with her feet. She pronates and is very flat footed. We notice that she is always tripping over herself. We joke that while she is standing still, air comes up and topples her over. Well now we know why. Now I have had Yamira's pediatrician check her out and was told that Yamira is okay. By all accounts, she is fine, but she really needed a specialist to look at her. So at the urging of her couch, I took her to the foot doctor today. Yamira has something called Tibia Rotation Contusion. Her tibia in each leg is twisted. It has nothing to do with her ankles or her feet. When she was in utero, she must have been curled up with her feet behind her. The only think they can do about it now is break the tibia and put rods in her legs or try her in braces every night while she sleeps. The doctor felt that both were really extreme and suggested waiting as he believes that this will all change once she is older. I agree.

The doctor suggested that we get a second opinion with a surgeon, but basically felt that we shouldn't do anything at this time. When I asked about ice skating, he told me to get her into another sport. That was a little disheartening. She loves skating. We were told to try to get her to walk straighter and when she is sitting we should make sure she is sitting properly. No feet behind her or under her butt. Ice skating is not detrimental to her, just frustrating. It may even help her if we continue to work with her on keeping her feet straight, so I am going to let her continue to skate. How can I not, she loves it!!!! Hopefully it will help.

It's good to know that Yamira isn't just clumsy. I knew she fell too easily and we kind of grasped at a lot of different things it could be. Good to know now that this is what is going on. We think Manny may have it a little as well. Not as pronounced, but we will continue to watch him over time. Ideally you fix this issue before they are two.

Bill laughed after we left the appointment and said jokingly "Why do we have the special needs kids?" If you remember, Ping was on a special needs list for her repaired Cleft Palate. I jokingly said to him that if they has his genes, they would have been worse off so we should be grateful. Of course I was just teasing. I then added that we are indeed fortunate because these are easy special needs and I will take them in a heartbeat compared to what some poor children must endure!

Bill signed up for unemployment today. That took forever and a day. It is worse for the person sitting in the car with two bored kids, trust me.

We finished the afternoon off with a huge shopping trip to Walmart.

The day was okay, but not the best. I am really deeply hurt by some people in my life right now. I won't go into it as it would probably bore you to tears and frankly, I don't want to relive it. Just need to put it behind me and move on. I have a great family and I am so grateful for that.

Now if I could just get the kids into bed so that I could watch some TV, I would be golden!!!! I am so behind on some stuff. Not that it's important to get caught up, but I would love to do so!

Hope you had a great day!

Mama Out!!!!!

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