Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bedrooms a changing!!!!

Friday at 7 am, Manny and Ping's furniture was delivered. After dropping the girls at school, Bill and I proceeded to move all the clothes into the correct bedroom, washed everything down, put all the decorations and stuffed animals in the right place, put all the correct books in the correct bookcases and put on all the bedding. Exhausting work! We finished for the night around 8 pm or so. We just couldn't continue. We were beat.

Today we got up early and headed to soccer. Man was it cold out. It was pretty miserable weather to be sitting for 1 1/2 hours, but we did it. I took the little ones home and gave them lunch while Bill did a few errands with Ping. Once home, we got back to the task at hand. The bedrooms again. Manny's room is complete with the exception of a toy box, a waste basket and a bed skirt. I ordered him the toy box today. That should be here in a week or so. We have yet to hang the curtains as we need rods. Also, we have yet to paint due to impending construction. So his room needs a little sprucing still.

Yamira's room looks a little bare. She has a few books, some stuffed animals in her toy boy and empty shelves. She will acquire things over time. Christmas is around the corner. She loves her new room. Unfortunately today she peed all over her bedding because she fell asleep this afternoon. So the bedding is being washed. Ping's bedroom is busting with stuff, but she has been with us for 2 1/2 years. She has a bunch of books, ladybug stuff, stuffed animals and other things we picked up in China. Most of the stuff is on her new shelves which are really small, but they needed to be fit to the space. I think the bedrooms came out pretty decently. We still have plenty to do, like the playroom and I want it all done tomorrow, but that is very unrealistic.

All in all, it was a very productive day and I got to spend it with my family.

Mama Out!!!!!

New bedding for Ping.

Little nook.




Manny's room. Not done.

Yamira's room.

Yamira's room.

Yamira's room.

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Julie said...

Very nice! Did you do all the painting yourself?