Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So done with this weather

There are a lot of things that are worse, but getting up on a Monday when it's raining outside is up there high on the list. It was so dreary out, I took one look and convinced myself to stay in bed. Then I remembered that I would pay for it dearly if I continued down that thought pattern, so up I got and hustled the kids into gear.

All in all it was a good day. I got to swim, all the kids got to school and daycare, I ran two errands and then had the rest of the day to do some work at home. I am not sure if I got a lot done or if I just uncovered more stuff I have to do. I think it's the later. I was grateful I didn't have to spend the day doing things outside in the rain. Getting kids in and out of a car in the rain takes on a whole other dimension to life.

Today was a good day. I also was able to spend the day at home. I still feel like I worked all day, but when I look around I don't see much having been accomplished. I did take the kids to their ice skating lesson. When I got home, my neighbor greeted me with a test I offered to take. It was a quick test and it was so nice to see her. Unfortunately, I bombed the test, but I am not the one graded. Thank god for that!!!! Bill had fire department training tonight and he does again tomorrow night. Not my idea of fun when I am the one home all day long with the kids. I asked Bill if he liked to work all day and all night and not be paid and not ever get to punch out. He said he would quit. I am not a quitter though! Don't get me wrong, every day I say I am going to quit, but I never would. Some people say "well you asked for this!" I did, I did. I can't lie. I just can't say it's enjoyable every day. There are some days I just want to crawl into a ball like the cat and watch a movie. Maybe when the young folks are teens? Then I will be up all night waiting for them to come in, right? Does it end? I suppose it could, but who would want it to end?

Well the kids got luggage today. I ordered them all their own sets in the color of their choosing. The were so excited. Look below to see their precious faces.

Have a wonderful night.

Mama Out!!!!!!

"Mama, Mama, my pants fell down." This is what I saw when I looked at him.


Happy wee folk.

Sister love.

Loving her three piece set.

I am determined to open this!

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