Saturday, October 23, 2010

I should probably be asleep by now, but I am not

I figured I would check in here while I was thinking about it. I should have done it hours ago at a reasonable time, but I didn't!

Yesterday was such a busy day. Bill and I took the girls to school and then parked the car and walked over to the soccer field. Yamira and Ping both were participating in the Buddy Run. They each get a 5th grader assigned to them as their buddies and they run around the field a few times. I figured we should go to watch them, so I canceled swimming for myself and went. It was flipping freezing cold. It was 39 degrees and awfully uncomfortable standing there, but we did with smiles on. Once home, we met with our contractor to go over some drawings and then I headed out to pick up Yamira. Once I got Yamira, we were gone for hours. She had therapy at noon and then we went to pick up a Halloween outfit for Manny from Jillian at her office. From there we went to Mekong, the Chinese supermarket for Ping's favorite drinks. We then went to Boylston to get a P.O. Box for the kids to be able to receive mail from their Dad and then we went to Walmart. At that point, it was time to pick up Ping, so we headed straight there and then home. Poor Yamira hadn't had lunch and was starving. I was as well, but I can tolerate not eating, kids can't! Needless to say, Yamira had lunch the minute we got in the house. Before I knew it, it was 6:00 pm and Bill had to leave the the Gary Numan concert in Boston. I put the kids to bed shortly after 7:00 pm and then I tried to catch up on some shows, but I didn't get far. Bill got home late. I waited up for him. Then he wanted to watch a little TV, so I stayed up in the living room waiting on him. I passed out really quickly and didn't get up and go to bed till 3:00 am!

We were up early today. We were up around 8:15 am. Ping had soccer at 9:00 am. It was chilly, but not like last weekend where it was brutal out. After soccer, Bill did an errand and I did a couple of them. Once home we fed the kids and put Manny in for a nap. He was a terror all morning. Not a fan of his today!!!

We were going to go out and look at fireplaces this afternoon, but never got there. The contractor stopped by with a few people who are going to do work here, so we didn't feel we could leave. They needed to look at the outside mostly, but they did eventually come in to look at stuff inside. The store we were going to closed at 4:00 pm, so we never got there. Bill decided to mow the lawn and I worked on a picture project that I have to do while the kids played with Legos and watched TV. I watched the Hallmark movie tonight while Bill played games on the computer all night. I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine. We talked for two hours tonight. It was nice to catch up on the phone while the house was so quiet. Bill is passed out in the family room. I am going to go wake him up. He has to get up in the am to get the girls to Sunday School. My plan is to sleep in. I hope I can. I will be up early because the kids will be up running around as usual, but then I will try to fall back to sleep for a short time. We have a Halloween party in the afternoon at church, so we will take the kids in their costumes to that.

Well off to get some rest. Hope you are having a good weekend!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

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