Sunday, October 24, 2010

I don't get it

I hate Sunday nights. The reason is because the next day is school for the kids. The odd thing is that being a stay at home (but never home) mom was going to cure me of the Sunday night blues or so I thought. It hasn't at all. I still hate when the weekend is over. I don't think it's much different for me as others that work full time. I am a mom seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. However, Monday morning means back to the grind for me just like it is for everyone else. Up early, get the kids to school and do the rest of the things that must get done that day. So it's the same, I just get more flexibility. Mind you, I say a little grateful prayer every day for that flexibility.

Today I slept in. Bill took the girls to Sunday School. At 3:00 pm, we went to a Halloween party at the church. We left around 5:00 pm when they started their pot luck dinner. We didn't make anything, so I refused to stay. We were welcome, but I don't feel good about that. That is mooching and I hate that. Especially since we knew there was a pot luck dinner after. Bill made the kids homemade spaghetti and sausages, so they were really happy. Especially Ping because she was so sad we left before the pot luck dinner. I explained it to her and she got it, but it still bothered her to leave. Once we got home, I put the kids in the tub while Daddy cooked. Dinner and bed followed soon after. I watched two movies I had DVRed. I still have a few recorded. Hope to get to them at some point. I am behind in movie watching and People magazine reading. Heavens, right?

Hope your weekend was great.

Mama Out!!!!!!

New nightlights for the children. Ping has the dino, Manny has the elephant and the angel is Yamira's.





Bobbing for apples.

Wet dog shake.

Donut eating.

Having fun with Emily.


Silly Daddy.

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