Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's only Tuesday

I keep forgetting it's the beginning of the week. I have no clue why I think it's Thursday or something. It's NOT! What a tease. I can't complain though as it seems like it's moving quickly.

Yesterday I went swimming while the girls were at school. Once home, I grabbed a shower and went to get Yamira. At 1:00 pm we had a vets appointment for both Sasha and Neesha. I can't complain as it was only a check up for each of them and shots, but I hate dragging them out of the house. They aren't at all what I would consider cooperative. They are downright pissy about it all. I told Sasha that her name should be Thumper. She has this big butt and she spreads out her feet and claws like she is going to keep herself out of her carrying case that way. Frankly, she does a good job of it. However, Bill got her in regardless. I will say that he has a few scratches on both arms from both of them. They are normally such sweeties, but not when they have to go to the vets. I apologize up and down, but they don't really want to hear it. Sasha screamed at us before she even saw the box. How did she know? Neesha hissed. Unusual for her, but I guess if you are going to protest, that is one way to do it. Anyway, we all piled into the car. It's hard to have a few kids and a few cats! Bill sat in the waiting room with Manny and Yamira and I brought the girls in. They both look good. Neesha's weight is perfect. See just because you are overweight, it doesn't mean you are going to have an overweight pet! Can't say the same about Sasha. She is nearly 14 lbs. In all fairness, she needs a hair cut. Lol. She is also very muscular and is awful about exercise. She likes to sleep 23 and 3/4 hours! She is young and has no excuse, but you can't teach cats anything that they don't want to do. I know, I have tried!

After we dropped off the girls and Manny had a short nap, we headed out to get Ping from school and then head to a fireplace store. We want to put a fireplace in our new family room to be. Unfortunately, they were closed. On a Monday? What are they, hair stylists? So we wasted a trip to Shrewsbury. We did hit up a place in Worcester. We found one we both liked. We still will do a little more shopping to see what is out there. I don't know how I am decorating the room, so to be honest, it's hard for me to pick out a fireplace. I know that might sound odd, but I don't want a modern fireplace if I am doing a traditional look in the family room. Decisions, decisions! Once home, the kids ate and headed to bed.

Today I woke up at 7:00 am with a headache. I planned on resting for a few more minutes, but before I knew it, I asked Bill to take the kids to school. I was then going to rest a little longer and head out to Yamira's school Halloween party, but I slept right up till the time it started. Bill went instead. I felt bad that I didn't go. I feel really guilty for not swimming and for not going to Y's party, but I just had little energy. When I finally got up and got ready, they all came bounding in. It was a 1/2 day at school, so Ping was home early. I actually sat down this afternoon and read a little of my People magazine. I was feeling woozy and weak. I probably just needed some protein or something. Who knows. Bill had a doctors appointment, so he was gone all afternoon. I am happy to report that he is healthy!!!! At 3:00 pm, I got the three kids into their Halloween outfits and took off for ice skating. It was fun to watch all the kids in their costumes. Once home, I fed them and made Ping some lunch. They are all now snug in their beds while I catch up here.

Well off to pack up some stuff to donate.

Mama Out!!!!!

A skating Picachu.


Yamira the bug.

Group fun.


Ping and Jasmine.

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