Saturday, December 6, 2008

Beautiful crisp New England day

Happy 9 months home baby!!!!

The three of us got up early and headed to Kennebunkport Maine. Every year they have an event called Christmas Prelude. We have never been. My friend Jenn that I have mentioned here before, told me about it. She talked about it last Christmas. So when she mentioned it a few months ago, I talked to Bill about going. He was gung ho! They have a website dedicated to what events they have during two different weekends. So we decided to go today. It was cold, but no wind. If there was wind, it would have been barely bearable! It was a typical New England by the water type of Christmas event. We first stopped at the Trolley Museaum. We took a warm 1/2 hour ride on the rails. It was a lot of fun. Ping had a blast. Shortly after that we went into town and parked. We got a great parking spot. Not an easy task!!!!! We walked all over the place. We went to various craft events and stores. At 3 pm we watched the Hat Parade. It was a parade of people wearing the kookiest Christmas related or sea related hats. It was great fun. Ping was in a tremendous mood all day long. It was nice to be out together as a family. We could have stayed for the late afternoon and evening to see some caroling and tree lighting, but we were cold, tired and very hungry. We headed home thinking we would find a place to eat, but we didn't. By the time we got home, we were starved so we stopped somewhere local. It was a fantastic day and we look forward to going again. Enjoy the photos.

Mama Out!!!!

Festive trolley car.

Trolley car we rode on.

Ping and Baba having fun.

Beautiful wreaths inside the car.

Old New York Trolley car wtih handles and ads.



Having hot chocolate with marshmellows and whip cream after the ride.

View of festivities.

Ping with crazy hat on.

Trying to get a water shot, but Ping wanted no part of it.

Another shot of the festivities.

Loving the candy cane. This is her second of the day.

Hat parade.

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Christina said...

What fun! New England looks so beautiful!

Hubster is enamored with Pingster, no? Very cute.