Thursday, December 4, 2008

A nice day at home

We do not have any plans today and I am thrilled about that as is Ping. We had a very busy day yesterday. Drove to Norwood in the early evening for a half hour "Remembrance" put on by hospice. My dad never used hospice, but I have been donating for eleven years. I always make sure I carve time out to attend this ceremony. It's my way of remembering both of my parents at this time. This is primarily for my dad though as I started when he passed away. Anyway, the drive is two hours round-trip, so I was a little tired when I finally arrived home. Ping slept all the way down, so she was fine.

When we got home, I let her watch a little TV and have something to eat and then I put her to bed. She was up late the night before. She was willing to go because she wanted to pick out her outfit for the next day. This is her thing. First it's "Mama, can we pick out my dress for school?" Then it goes like clockwork from there. "How about shoes Mama, how about bracelet Mama, how about hair bows mama." So we gather it all up and put it on Daddy's bureau for quick access the next morning.

We read a quick book and passed out. I fell asleep for about 10 minutes and then came downstairs to watch Private Practice. When Bill got home, we concentrated on decorating. We have a ways to go. We will do some tonight and tomorrow night and most definitely over the weekend. Wish I had the heart to give it away. I swear that I am going to just buy a Menorah and call it a day:) I told Bill that I feel that I should enjoy getting the trees up and the decorations, etc. I don't enjoy it though. It's a chore! Mom always felt this way and I didn't get it. I get it now Mom!!!!!!! It's a lot of work for a short period of time.

Quick funny story to tell. The cell phone rings as I pull into the garage. It's Bill. I just got home from picking up Ping from school. Ping says to me "Mama, is that Santa?" So cute. "No baby, it's just Daddy." I am trying to teach her all about Christmas and Santa and presents. Hopefully by the time Christmas gets here, she will understand it pretty well. She learns about it in preschool as well.

So that is what is new in our world. Here are some pictures my friends.

Mama Out!!!!

Pretty cupcakes that Sarah and Brad bought to celebrate Bill's birthday. Aren't they cute?

Beautiful cake that Sarah and Brad bought in addition to the cupcakes. The cake was out of this world. Banana and peanut butter!

Isn't the turkey cute? They do a great job. Thank you Sarah and Brad for celebrating with us and bringing Bill this delicious cake!!!!!!

This is Ping out for a walk with our wonderful neighbor friends! Ping loves going for walks with Heidi and Anna. Heidi is on the left. She has babysat Ping before. Ping adores them!!!! They often come by and grab her for a walk. I have to say that Bill and I were both showering at the time they came. I had just gotten out and a second or two later, Bill got out. I am like "is that the door??????" They could see Ping inside! So Bill quickly dressed. It was kind of funny because Ping insisted on wearing this new dress. However, I don't have a shirt to go under it. So after arguing for awhile, I finally said "fine, wear it, we aren't going anywhere!" So Anna and Heidi show up to a Ping in a dress with no shirt. So we had to throw stuff on her just so she would be warm enough to walk with them. She was an ill matched but happy girl!

She had to carry her fire hat. Thank god we have few neighbors. She definitely was having fashion issues!!!!!

The bad fashion continues with Daddy's boots on, shirt over dress, sneakers on hands and beads. Let us not forget the chocolate mouth from getting into Daddy's chocolates!!!!

Look Mommy, an ornament.

This is the best fun Mommy. She laughed every time Daddy picked her up to put an ornament up high. She never got tired of it. She thought it was the best thing!

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