Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Days in review!

I am too old to remember what I did an hour ago!!!!! I will try though.

Last Thursday we did errands. Story of my life. Friday we got hit with a snow storm. Ping's school canceled, so we stayed home. Bill came home early so he could snow blow the driveway and also to be home safely!

Saturday we stayed home due to the snow. Bill went out to do a few errands, but us girls did stuff around the house. It NEVER stopped snowing!!!!!!!!

Sunday it was the same damn thing, SNOW! So sick of it and the havoc it brings on. Bill happily snow blowed our driveway and a few of our neighbor's driveways as well. Such a sweetie, no?

Ping had school on Monday. I was sort of surprised given the snow over the weekend, but I was fine with it. I dropped her off and headed to my swim aerobics. YAY! Finally. Felt heavenly to get into the pool. After I picked Ping up, we did a few errands. It was nasty cold out, so we came home after a short jaunt. It was way too slippery and cold for Ping. I don't mind when it's me, but I don't want her cold. Plus she hates wet feet and since we don't have her snow boots yet, her feet are getting wet. However, she doesn't like them getting dirty either. So her getting in the car is a nightmare. She takes her sweet time and let's me freeze my butt off. Not that I can't afford to lose some of that butt, but the freezing thing isn't working for me!!!!!!

Bill came home early because we had a leak in our kitchen. We have another one upstairs. It's pretty frustrating as we can't seem to get at it. The ice has frozen down the side of the house and when it melts it comes in or so I think! Bill then had school last night. Last class!!!!!!!

Today Ping had school. I dropped her off, ran home for a shower and back to school for a 10am party. Basically the kids sing a few songs and make a snowflake and a cardboard gingerbread house. We never did do the snowflake as she was too busy doing other things like coloring. She certainly beats to her own drum! Everyone else is crowding the crafts, but not her! After school we went to visit friends and exchanged gifts. Ping got a few Snap n Style dolls and some puzzles. She is in HEAVEN. She is playing with the baby doll one she got as I type.

Well I know this is short and sweet. I have a lot of things to do today. Have a very Merry Christmas my dear friends! Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment!

Mama Out!

This is the caricature of the three of us done at Ping's birthday party. Like the waistline on me? Works for me!!!!!

This is obviously just Ping!

Ping in her traditional dress.

Ping in traditional dress with Panda.

Ping in traditional dress and shoes.

Our Christmas card.

Ornament from Valeri, an online friend.

Ornament I bought for Ping and travel mates.

Snow Princess.

Princess Ping on a snowy day.


Monkey feet created using Daddy's gloves.

Wearing Daddy's boots, jacket and snow overalls. They were huge on her. Of course the tiara had to be worn as well!

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