Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa visit

We put out the rest of our Christmas decorations this morning. I swear we need a second home for them. How did we acquire so many ornaments and such over the years? I was glad that Bill was home so we could get the decorations in place and the boxes put away. We still have a few things to do, but we are in good shape. I said to Bill today that it's almost a waste because nobody but us sees them. We put out a lot of stuff and it takes forever to do and it's just for us! I wish I enjoyed decorating, but I don't. It's a pain in the butt!!!

After decorating, we took Ping to see Santa. Unfortunately, the little one was sleeping. So when we walked in the door, all she wanted to do was be held by Daddy. She did eventually warm up and we were able to introduce her to the big man. It was cute. I got pictures, but they aren't great. Hopefully we will get to see Santa again at another time.

This morning I asked Ping if I could take her outside for pictures. She said "no Mama, it is too cold for us." So what did I do? I took her out without a coat to get a few pictures. Bill thought it fell under "abuse" but I did get a few cute shots:)

We finished off the day with a trip to Walmart. Not my idea of fun, but necessary.

Mama Out!!!!

This fleece dress was an auction item for the organization "Love Without Boundaries." I won it. I knew Ping would love it and helping out LWB in a small way is something I try to do yearly. They help Chinese children medically and a myriad of other ways.

What you looking at? You aren't using this pumpkin anymore, it's past season, right? Me eat it.

In for the attack.

I am going, stop staring at me and taking my picture.

I did it, I did it. You can see my big butt now.

Mama, my feet are getting wet. SO?

Hurry, I am cold.

Smile Ping. Okay Mama, but I am not putting my hands down because it's cold and this is crazy.

Why am I under this wreath Mama?

Our little snow today.

When are we leaving to see Santa Mama?

Our children before Ping!!

Love this photo of them all. My three kids:)

We done yet?

Nice to meet you Santa.

Mama said if I sit on your lap and smile, she would give me a lollipop. I can't be bought that easily!

Thanks Santa for the hug.

Okay, I will try this one more time to appease my mother! Not really a smile here and there is watermellon candy in her mouth!

Silly in front of the tree.

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Christina said...

You have such a good girl, that little Ping. :)

Hysterical squirrel!