Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is fast approaching

Saturday and Sunday I had all intentions on getting the decorations started here. We put up 2 big trees and a smaller one. We have too much stuff. WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! Every year I swear I am going to give half of it away, but I can't. So much of it has meaning to me or us. Well Saturday and Sunday came and we got zilch done. Bill managed to put up our pre-lit tree. It's a joke. Every year we lose more bulbs. It's only 3 or so years old. Very irritating. So I had to make a stop at Walmart yesterday to buy white bulbs! I am sure that is just the first of many stops before the decorating is done.

I slept in on both weekend days. I didn't go swimming. I felt bad and guilty about it. Not sure why I was so tired. On Sunday, Bill came upstairs and jumped in bed at 1 pm and said "Are you okay?" I am like "huh?" "Oh shit, I didn't mean to sleep so late followed two seconds after. I was mad at myself, but I obviously needed the rest and Ping was with daddy, so all was safe. You know why they let me sleep? It's not because mommy needs her rest. That would be so sweet. That isn't it though. The real reason is because if I am asleep, they can have a nice breakfast, snack to their hearts content, make a mess and not have to listen to me nag!!!!! When I caught the sight of the living room when I came down the stairs, I thought I was going to kill myself. Ping had out so many toys and they were strewn from end to end. Hello, can we have some control here daddy??????

Bill did a little work outside with the leaves on Saturday and I did some major shopping online for Christmas. I am basically done with the exception of Bill. YAY!!!!!!!! The day was busy, but not with what I had planned on doing. Oh well, can't go back!

Sunday I slept in and then had a crying fit. I discovered the other day that Bill has been drying my shirts. I have lost so many shirts to this problem. I was feeling so bad about myself because things were not fitting and I knew something wasn't right. They were shrinking. After all the years of me and mom hanging my shirts, Bill decided that we were just having too much fun doing it, so he would just cut that step out. Like we hung my shirts because we had NOTHING to do. I was so furious when I caught this act going on the other night. However, on Sunday, I put on a top and just lost it cause it was so tight. I was really angry because he is not getting why I am upset. I had to say "why do you think we have been hanging my shirts for years???????" What is so logical to me, escapes him. It's very frustrating! Now you may be saying "then do your own laundry." If it were that easy. First of all, bite me! Why should I do it because he does it wrong? If I did everything wrong, does that mean I have the right to forgo everything I do????? Don't assume just because I am a SAHM that I am home all day twiddling my thumbs, I am not. In addition, the laundry room is very hard to move around in. It's downright uncomfortable for me, so I can't really get at the machines correctly. It's in a narrow hallway and hard to navigate in. If the machines were in a room or easy to access, I would do it. Lastly, why live with someone if you are going to do everything yourself????? Your husband should be your partner. Ying and Yang. I need some YANG here please!!!!!!! So before you say "do it yourself, ask why that is the only answer you can come up with, okay?"

We spent Sunday at home all day. Again, we had plenty to do around here.

Yesterday I ran all over the place. I had to go to Sears, The Children's Place, Kohls and Kiddie Kandids. Ping and I were beat by the time we got home.

Today we went to Kiddie Kandids again to get something fixed and then to Target where we met with Jenn and Sam and Jillian. We both had to go to Target, so we thought we would walk through the aisles together. It makes shopping so much more pleasant. I hate to shop, so having a friend to chat wtih is a lifesaver. Plus the kids get along beautifully. Doesn't mean we don't want to floor our own though:)

When Bill got home tonight, he put up the second tree. We then decorated the first tree. This was the first time we had a little girl home to help. It was wonderful. She had a wonderful time. She absolutely loved hanging the ornaments. Unfortunately, she didn't get that two ornaments shouldn't be hung on the same branch, but that is okay. It was such a joy to watch her. Her favorite part was when daddy would hold her up high. She giggled like crazy. She loves being with daddy. After most of the ornaments were handed to her by me she would say "thank you mommy." Such a well mannered sweetie. Having her home is the biggest joy there is. I still think she is utterly delicious!!!

She went to bed late. She missed an hour of sleep. As me how delicious she is tomorrow. I will be paying for letting her stay up, I just know I will!!!!! I didn't want to, but she was having so much fun. She is asleep now and we are doing the trash, picking stuff up, etc. There are never enough hours in the day!

I hope you are all well.

Mama Out!

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