Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pasta Extravaganza!!!!!

Okay, here I am again. Bill asked why I didn't post photos of the storm on the blog. I didn't download them before. Now I have them. So here are some photos of the storm. In addition, I decided to show you how my husband shops:)

Mama Out!!!!

Winter storm pictures. Nice long icicle.

New snow boots. She LOVES them.

New boots, new gloves that don't fit, Princess dress under her regular dress and crown. Lovely combo, no? Daddy insists on her having waterproof gloves. Those are hard to find at this age. So he brought these home. They are a little big, but we will keep them anyway for next year.

New gold shoes. Snazzy.

God forbid my husband looks in the cabinet before he buys. He does this all the time. This is just the pasta!!!!!

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Shannon said...

MAN! That's a LOT of pasta!