Saturday, July 10, 2010

Burning the midnight oil

Is it burning the midnight oil or is it the morning oil since it's closer to 2:00 am? Regardless, I am here getting caught up since the house is so quiet. Why wouldn't it be quiet at this hour, right?

Thursday was a great day. It was hot, but I met my girlfriend Mindy and her daughter Ciara at Dean Park in Shrewsbury. I picked a nice shaded area to sit and the kids played for hours. When I got home, I gave the kids a bath. It was early in the day, but they were needed. Dean has some great sandboxes and the kids were sitting in them. Needless to say, when I went to change Manny's diaper, he had more sand attached to him than the sandbox! Bill was surprised when he came home to find them in their pajamas! They had dinner and headed to bed around 7:30 pm or so. They were tired from running around all day outside. I was tired too as I fell asleep face first on my bed while laying down with Ping. I was a tad annoyed that afternoon because I got a message when I got home from the playground that I didn't appreciate. The kid's have a visit from 2:00 - 3:00 pm the next day and I was just getting that call today? I was very annoyed by that. My time is far too important to be telling me about a visit one day before it's due! I had plans for Friday, but canceled them so that they could go and see their dad. I should never have done that.

On Friday, we had a home visit from the kid's social worker at 9:30 am. That went fine. She is very nice. We were interrupted constantly, but that is just the way life is with three kids. It kills me, but I have no choice in the matter. I put Manny down for an early nap after a quick lunch, so he wouldn't be in a terrible mood for his dad.

At 1:30 pm, I headed off to the DCF office for the visit. I went upstairs and the social worker for dad whisked them right in to where their dad was with a "Here is dad, go play with dad, give him a hug and a kiss." I thought that was very wrong to do. I didn't see dad. I went downstairs and sat in the lobby while Ping colored. My friend Jillian met me there and we chatted until the kids came. When the kids came downstairs with dad's social worker and his supervisor, they immediately started grilling me about a bit Manny had on his arm. This really angered me. They didn't ask like they wanted clarification, they were rude about it. Jillian agreed. First of all, the two kids had been changed by dad. He put them in outfits he brought them so that he could take their photos supposedly. Then he gave Yamira a toy phone and Manny some toy figurines with guns. They were appalling. That and dangerous for a 2 year old! So the kids greeted me in clothes I wasn't familiar with. Then the grilling began. Yamira bit Manny days ago. The father was supposedly freaking out. Like he should freak out with his background? Whatever. Anyway, I told them the story about Yamira biting Manny. Then the supervisor started to tell me how I should have let the ongoing work know. Well first of all, I told Umass at a doctors appointment and I told the kids social worker! If he didn't find that out, it is not my problem. Then she tells me that I need to keep the lines of communication open? Excuse me? This worker had been on vacation for 2 weeks, calls me the day before to tell me about a visit, I cancel plans to make the visit and I am suppose to communicate with him???? I was furious. I walked out of there so upset and angry. I immediately got in the car and called the kids social worker. She told me that she was called to the room where the kids were and was asked what happened. She told them that she knew about the bites and that Yamira put the bite on Manny. She questioned Yamira alone and Yamira blamed me and then she blamed her social worker and then she admitted she bit Manny herself. So everything was out in the open. So why did the ongoing social worker and the supervisor come at me and tell me that they were not told about the bite marks. They lied. They out and out lied!!!!! Talk about frustrating. I am not done with this yet. On Monday, if I get a quiet moment, I am going to make some calls and let people know that I am aware of what they were up to. That and a few other things that need to be said!!!!!

Jillian, me and the kids went to Target after the visit. I needed to get some things for Ping's party. I then dropped Jillian off at her car. She went to get her two boys and then came over to our house for dinner. We had a nice time.

On Saturday, we attended a birthday party for 5 year old twins. They go to school with Shayla. The weather was horrific. The downpours and flooding was awful. There was a tent, so we stayed under there. We did some arts and crafts and then the kids got in the pool since the rain stopped. Ping and Yamira swam for a long time. We then headed home, fed them dinner and put them to bed. Bill and I passed out as well. We were exhausted.

Well today is Sunday. I was going to finish this post last night, but got too tired, so I will include today. We went to a bbq in Billerica. We met with some others who have adopted. All of them were domestic adoptions. Ping and Yamira are the oldest. The others are under two. It was a small crowd and it was hot, but we had fun. After leaving the party, we went to the Burlington Mall to go to Build -A-Bear. Ping made a really cute Mint Ice Cream bear she named Minty and Yamira made a bear named Fudge and Manny made a bear named Coconut. We took Ping there because it's her birthday on Thursday and I knew she would love it. We haven't been there in a long time. The kids had a blast. They were all over the place too. Hard to concentrate when they are all over the place.

Well that is it for now. Ping starts soccer in the am, so I best get to bed so I may get up in the morning and get ready.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Mama Out!!!!

Manny having fun in the sandbox.

Yamira, Ping and Ciara in the sandbox with assorted kids.

Yamira and Manny sliding.

Yamira loving the box that a gift was sent in from Ayi Christina.

Time out is exhausting.

The three crazy kids.

Lily and Alana's 5th birthday party.

Pool party.

Ping loving her Hello Kitty gift from Phong, Siany and Megan in Texas.

Gift to Manny from his dad.

Manny sliding.

Michele, Ping and Yamira in the little pool.

Ping getting Minty stuffed.

Yamira getting Fudge stuffed.

Manny getting Coconut stuffed.

Manny picking out a heart to put in his bear.

Marveling and the stuffing.

Yamira washing her bear.

Manny washing his bear.

Ping washing her bear.

The happy results.

Daddy in front of the store.

Ping holding Minty.

On our way home.

Strawberries, yum.

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