Friday, July 2, 2010

Hair cuts for the kids

I got permission to get the kids hair cuts, so I ran out first thing on Thursday morning and got them all hair cuts. Ping needed hers cut too. They all came out beautifully. Yamira looks so much better as does Manny! What a huge improvement.

After getting their hair cut, we went to Target. I needed a few essentials. We were not going to be there long, but what a disaster it turned out to be. Yamira was beaming when we left the hair place. She was so happy with her hair. I never expected her to completely turn into a wild raging kid, but sure enough she did at Target. It was horrible. It was embarrassing as well. Just a true nightmare. Yamira was mad at me because I told her that she needed to stay with me at the store. It's called safety darling! She didn't care. She refused. She wanted to run everywhere and touch everything. I finally said to her that she could either stay with me or we were going to put back the shoes and the special dinnerware I was getting her. At that point, she dropped to the floor and started to screech at the highest level I have ever heard a child. She threw her flip flops at the cards display and carried on and on. I kept walking as I forgot to get something. Ping was crying because she was so upset that Yamira was carrying on. It was so bad, that employees and shoppers were coming out of whatever corners they were in to witness what was going on. I finally had to literally pick the girl up, and put her in a cart. At this point, I had two carts. She proceeded to throw the stuff out of the cart and to jump out. I was mortified at everyone staring at me and at Yamira's behavior. I threw the stuff I was going to get her to the side and went to the register and checked out. Yamira continued to scream all through the check out. I have seriously never been so embarrassed by a child's behavior. I was furious. Poor Ping was a mess. I felt awful about that. I kept telling Ping that she was my strong girl and I wasn't mad at her at all and she need not be upset, but that didn't help at all. I finally got to the car and threw the kids in and then proceeded to try to empty two carts of heavy duty stuff. I had to put the stuff everywhere as there was not room in the truck! I was glad to be leaving at least. Once home, I put Yamira in a time out. She proceeded to jump up as always. She ran around throwing her flip flops off and throwing over the trash bucket because she was so angry. It literally took all my strength not to tie her to the corner. I fed Manny and Ping, then put Manny in for a late nap. I then got Yamira out of the corner and fed her. She learned nothing from time out. She ended up there several more times before the night was through. What a terrible day!

Today started out bad as well. As usual, the kids were up early. Bill found them jumping on the bed and yelled at them to stop. They kept it up. Bill told me to put them in time out for the day. Unfortunately, I had people in my house today and we had to go outside as to not get in their way. In addition to the poor behavior, Yamira purposely destroyed the new bedding in her bedroom. I will post a picture for everyone to see. I have said that they are very destructive before and here is what I am talking about. I had dropped my car off last night to have it detailed, so I had no transportation for the day. So they had to play outside because like I said, we had people in the house. Manny got three time outs while we were outside. These kids do not learn. I have no idea what the issue is! So frustrating. Yamira and Manny alternated with their time outs throughout the day. Not fun at all.

Tonight we picked up my car, went to Babies R Us for a stroller and then to Target for a few things I forgot yesterday due to the horrible behavior from Yamira! What a long night. We came home and put the kids to bed after dinner. It was 10:00 pm. They don't ever go to bed that late, but we had stuff to do. What can I say?

Well I need to head to bed. Hope you have a wonderful July 4th weekend!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!!

What a difference.

No longer looks like a girl with that long hair of his.


Isn't this special? How she did it is beyond me.

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