Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday my sweet 5 year old!!!

Well today was the last day of soccer camp for Ping. She loved it. I went to watch the last 30 minutes or so. She got a certificate for participating. I took a few photos and we headed off in the car to Donna's house. Donna asked us to go swimming and I decided that we would. Ping loves to swim, so what better way could we spend the day?

We all had a nice time visiting with Donna and swimming. Donna's daughter Nicole got a job and started immediately, so we only saw her for a few minutes. Donna fed my little rugrats and off to home we went. When we got home, we put Manny and Yamira to bed. They all slept on the way home. Ping woke up though and of course she wanted to open her presents. After she opened her gifts, she and Daddy watched some TV together. She had a good day. Her party is on Saturday. On Sunday, we are taking her into Boston to do a few things. The little ones are going to respite care for a few hours.

Today we got up early and headed out for a few errands. At 1:15 pm, we had an ear appointment. Ping's ear has been bothering her all week. The GP she saw on Monday suggested we try to loosen the wax, but it wasn't working. She still has tubes in her ears, so it was important to me to have her looked at. Her specialist is on vacation, so we saw a Chinese doctor. He was great. Very nice. Wanted to know where she was from. He is from Shanghai. Ping has swimmers ear. She got the wax removed and a script for an antibiotic. We left and went to CVS to drop off the prescription. Bill went to get it tonight, but they didn't have the drops in. We got a call later on that some had come in, so we are getting them tomorrow and going back in a week to take a look at her ear to make sure she is all clear.

Manny and Yamira were not good at all today. At one point, Yamira jumped on an elevator by herself. We nearly lost her. I threw my hand in front of the door and it stopped. She was so sassy today. She did everything she wasn't supposed to and she talked back to me and to Bill later on in the evening. So both of them had a lot of time outs today. I think they got overtired yesterday and so they just could not behave to save their life. Manny just kept touching everything and jumping on everything he is not supposed to.

We spent the rest of the day at home. They all got baths and dinner and were in bed by 8:00 pm. After dinner, Ping got to open a gift from her friend Hope in Texas. She got a beautiful dress from Gymboree and two gorgeous hair bows. She was so excited! Anyway, if the two youngest wouldn't wake up so darn early, they wouldn't be so tired!!!!!

Well I should be heading to bed. Ping's party is tomorrow and I don't want to be asleep. I can't wait to see our friends!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

Soccer gal.

Go get the ball.

The crew.



Swimming fun.

You can't get past me.


Ready to open.

Time for dinner.

What? I am just eating my dinner.

Yay for gift in the mail from the Pierces.

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