Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Soccer Camp Part 3

My sweet baby had soccer in the rain and the muggy weather today. Poor thing. She still said she had an awesome time though. I got to watch her for a little while at the end today. I went to Walmart after I dropped her off. It's the story of my life. Why am I always at Target and Walmart? Getting juice I suppose. I needed some Swiffer stuff and razors and a handful of other garbage. I also picked up a few things for Yamira.

After grabbing Ping from soccer, we went to meet a friend who had lent us her stroller and car seat. I bought a new stroller on sale and we didn't end up needing the car seat, so I wanted to get it back to her as soon as possible. I was so grateful she let me borrow those things. I did use the stroller a few times.

After lunch, I put Manny down for a nap. He didn't nap today. I am not sure why. He is always tired around nap time and will fall asleep eventually, but not today. At 3:45 pm, I took Ping for a 4:00 pm free trial Karate class. She said she loved it. Ping really seems to love a lot of things, so it's hard to figure out if she is just saying she loves everything or if she really does love everything!!!!

I am far too tired tonight to get into things, but I got two amazing calls today. The first one was from the children's social worker. She said that their father was willing to terminate his rights and was at the court house. I have no idea why he was at court, or what happened between Friday and today, but he decided to sign an adoption agreement. I said to the social worker, that this could just be how he felt at the moment and that I wasn't going to put much stock in it. However, I got a call this afternoon from the social worker again and she said that there was a pre-trial at court today that she didn't know about and that their dad did indeed terminate his rights. Needless to say, I am floored!!!!! They are legally free. AMAZING. That never happens like that usually!!!!!

So the question that I am sure you are asking is now what? Well that means that we can adopt them if we want to have them in our family. I do want them. Unfortunately, I also spoke with our social worker and she said to "slow down." What does that mean? So now I am a little worried about what she has to say. I won't find out until next Tuesday. So say a little prayer or think good thoughts please. I will let you know when I know. Right now, I know nothing. You can't adopt unless the child or children have been in your house for at least 6 months, so nothing will be moving quickly, that is for sure.

Happy Birthday my fabulous girl. You are now 5 years old!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

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