Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Soccer Camp Part 2

Ping said to me last night that she wasn't going to go to soccer today. She thought it was just a little bit too hot. Needless to say, I said "tough cookies." She went and she said she had a nice time. I dropped her off at 9:00 am. Unfortunately, I didn't watch her then, so I thought I would go back at 11:30 and watch her. I got a call as I was walking out the door and it was Yamira's therapist, so I didn't get there early like I wanted to.

After I dropped Ping off, the kids and I came back here and I fed them breakfast. I then proceeded to clean the kitchen and bathroom. I then made some phone calls regarding activities for Ping in the Fall. I signed her up for a few trial karate classes at two places. I checked into gymnastics for her as well. I did a little research on where to go for vacation and a few other things as well. Yamira watched TV while I did this and Manny played in the playroom. It was so good to get something accomplished. It is so hard to get anything done now. So I feel 1/2 human again today.

I picked up Ping at noon and we headed home for lunch, a nap for Manny and then therapy for Yamira at 3:00 pm. She said it went well. I hope it really did. When we got home, Yamira and Ping got into a huge argument, so both girls got into trouble. The rest of the night went okay. Bill was home for a short period of time because he had fire department training. So I put some Colace in Ping's ear to try to flush it. Then I got all three dressed for bed, clothes picked out, book read and to sleep.

I spent some more time researching vacations, but finally around 10:00 pm, I just had to quit and sit and do nothing but watch TV.

Nothing exceptional today. Just another day in the life of a mother of three!

Mama Out!!!!!

Loving my new shorts Mom.

Rocking this soccer thing.

Ping and Julia, her buddy from school.

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