Friday, July 30, 2010

A week in review

Well it's been another crazy week in our house. For me and the kids anyway. Monday started off with having to drop Ping off at dance camp. We dropped her off at 9:00 am and headed off to get some errands done. We went back to get Ping at 11:00 am and headed home for the afternoon. In the afternoon, I took Ping for a trial gymnastics class. She loved it and did well at it. I watched her for an hour through the glass with Yamira and Manny who were less than thrilled!

On Tuesday, I had someone out from the alarm company since it's been behaving funny. Nothing was wrong, just the remote needed to be tended too. We headed at for a noon appointment at the Faces clinic at Umass. We were there for quite a long time. Both kids needed to be seen and have blood work drawn. Miss Y had to have a shot. We then headed home for the rest of the day.

On Wednesday, Ping had class again, so we dropped her off in the am. We then went to Staples, Babies R Us, Target and back to get Ping. After rushing home to drop the stuff off, we headed for a therapy appointment. We then went back to Staples! Finally, I was able to feed them lunch and put Manny down for a nap. In the afternoon, Ping tried a trial Karate class. She loved that as well. This girl wants to do it all. Bill had to go to Walmart to get some stuff I didn't get at Target and then to Staples to pick up a chair that wouldn't fit in my car. It was an absolutely exhausting and frustrating day! It was so hot out too!!!!

Yesterday was lovely. We had no plans and I wasn't about to make any. We stayed home. We needed a down day. At least I did, that is for sure!!!!! I actually took a little time in the afternoon to catch up on a few things on the DVR! Manny slept and the girls played in the other room. It was nice! I got a lot done as well.

Today Ping had dancing again. We dropped her off and went to CVS, the bank, Walmart and CVS again. Why do I always have errands? It never ends. Believe it or not, an order for something came in, so Bill has to go tonight to pick something up. Oy Vey!

Well I have to run. I have a 2:00 pm appointment today and it's almost that time.

Hope you had a great week and an even better weekend to come.

Mama Out!!!!!

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