Monday, July 26, 2010

Great day

I felt like I had the energy of 10 people today. I love those days.

Today I took Ping to dance camp at 9:00 am. Manny and Yamira are too young to participate, so we went to the bank, the post office, the electric company and to get gas. We came back home, but we were not here long. Our dear neighbor Anna called to see if she could take one of the kids for a walk. So she took Manny for a walk and Yamira and I went back to get Ping at the dance studio. Ping had a wonderful time while there. We made a quick stop for me to get a salad and O'Connors and headed home. Manny came home shortly after we returned. I fed the kids and put Manny upstairs for a nap. The two girls watched a few movies. Manny slept for nearly three hours. He was tired from the weekend. So was Yamira, but she had no desire to nap.

We piled back into the car to head for a trial gymnastic class for Ping. Ping loved it. The two youngest lost their minds waiting for an hour, but all in all, things went well. Once home, Bill was outside mowing the lawn, so I fed them dinner. After eating, the kids watched a little TV and I put them to bed. They are all so overtired from the weekend! They all fell asleep immediately. That is always a plus.

Speaking of sleeping, I am heading off to bed myself. I am still suffering with a major sunburn, so sleep isn't constant, that is for sure.

Mama Out!!!!!

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