Friday, August 22, 2008

So tired and bossy boots

I am exhausted. Sophie cried and screeched all night. I don't care that she did, but I didn't get a boatload of rest!!!! I am just happy to have her home. She is sleeping right now on the kitchen chair. I made an appt. to take her to the vet to have her checked out. She dined on chipmunks and such, and I am sure that is NOT good for her. She may disagree though.

Bill and I were planning on working in the garage today. We never got to it. We got so caught up in other stuff. We did do a boatload of errands though. It was nice to be out and to know the 3 girls at home were safe and sound. I do miss my little Lily though. The only thing that would make this summer right again is to have her home:(

So for errands we went to the bank, paint store, Babies R Us, Target for a return, Fashion Bug, Bed Bath and Beyond and Bob's Stores. We then had dinner as we were starving and it was after 8pm. We had Chinese as it was right there. All Ping said was "I want Lucas, I want Uncle Joe, I want Ayi Meri, I want Sam, I want lemonade" and they she would start all over again. We have been to this place a few times with Meri, Joe and Lucas, so she wanted them there. However, Meri is home sick!!!!! It was late and not planned. Otherwise, we would have asked them!

While we were at Bob's Store, looking for sneakers for Bill, Ping yells at me down the aisle and says "Mama, come here NOW!!!!!!" Where did this chick get such a bossy nature????? She literally cracks me up! Mind you, I can't even see her eyeballs as her hair has grown so long again.

The other day, Bill used his EMT scissors to open something. He left them out. What do you think happened? I mean all kids do it, what do you think she did??? Yeah, she cut her hair. She went up to bed with Bill and all of a sudden I am staring at little long clumps of hair. The first thing I want to do is run upstairs and tug at her hair. I want to make sure she doesn't have some god awful deadly disease. This stuff frightens us moms! I found the scissors and found a few black hairs on it. I just knew. She didn't do terrible damage, but the right side of her hair is a little thinned out. UGH. This chick is a trip!

School on Tuesday for Miss Ping. Oh boy!!!!!!

Gotta run. I am so darn tired. I have pics to post and will soon.

Mama Out!


Julie said...

She is cracking me up with this "NOW" thing she has going.

All ready for school?

Christina said...

Put an alarm on that darn cat!