Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictures Galore!!!!!

Heading out to look at our birthday location.

Always hanging on me and the computer desk.

Birthday place. Tent looking a tad lopsided!!!!! It better not be that day!

Different tables and chairs. Not these ugly picnic tables. LOL.



Heading to Jillian's birthday party.

Jillian and Ping.

Waiting for Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad to come.

Ayi and Uncle on the front porch with Ping hiding in the back.

Helping me feed the girls.

Ayi Trisha who just came back from Turkey on a missionary trip. This was a beautiful tablecloth. To Ping, it was just a fancy dress. Everything is a dress. Towels, blankets, etc.

Hi Ayi Donna. Wearing your dress finally!!!!

At our family reunion. See we do take her out. We don't make her stay inside and take pics against the wall all day:)

Hmmm, what does it look like? Oh yeah, hair. Ping needed a little thinning on the side. She saw daddy's EMT scissors that he left out and figured it was a good opportunity to cut her hair. Sweet child.
Heading to playgroup.

"What mama? I am spinning, go away!!!!!"

Ping thinks it's important for daddy to have a flower tucked behind his ear. When he tried to remove it, she had a fit and put it right back. Where is the smile daddy?

Troubled twosome with flower in hair!

Wearing family reunion shirt that we bought our daughter years ago. Guess we did good on the size, no? I mean, we thought we were getting a tiny one. Guess it was destiny!

"I'm too sexy for my shorts, too sexy for my shirt."

Trouble maker. So glad to have her home!

Ring toss at adoption get together.

Duck hunt at adoption get together.


Ping and JC our social worker.

Heading to brunch with Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad.

Thought she would look good in the landscaping, but too far away.

In the landscaping again!

Brunch with Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad.

Picture before changing into swim gear!


Fancy That! said...

I thought i told you to get my skinny side (photo on bench). the one from brunch is ok... did you see the orb? :)

Christina said...

You all have so much fun! Love all the photos. What a cutie. Mom, GET IN THE PHOTOS, TOO!