Monday, August 25, 2008

Six Months of Family Bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our wonderful girl has been ours for six months now. How can that be???? She continues to amaze us daily!!!!

Saturday we went to an adoption get together in Rhode Island. It was a lot of fun. We then went to Donna's to go swimming. It's been a terrible summer, so we haven't swam at all except for maybe twice and that was Ping only!

Sunday we went to brunch with Sarah and Brad and Sarah's whole family. We had a wonderful time! It's always nice seeing Sarah's family. I have known them for so many years. I see them at all the parties and holidays. One of Sarah's sisters was in visiting from Texas. After we ate, we headed to Donna's again for some more swimming. Mind you the pool was cold. The outside wasn't too bad, but it was later in the day and so there was no sun. I am exhausted from this weekend. Not only did we hike two hours to one place and an hour to another and then another 45 minutes to another which was tiring, but our gas tank is already thirsty and we just filled it on Friday! I am not complaining though. I love spending time with Donna and with Sarah, so it's totally worth it all!!!!!

Ping's first day of preschool is tomorrow. I can't believe it. My baby is going off to school!!!!!! I wanted her to have a nice bath and get to bed early. Well she went to bed without a bath and later than usual. No matter how hard I try, I never follow my best laid plans. So frustrating. It's because I am too busy trying to do it all!!!!! Wish me luck at getting up at 7 and getting her up. We are going to be ugly. We like to sleep till 9 am (IN THE MORNING) !!!!! Yes my darling Sarah and Brad, that was said just for you! LOL. Inside joke.

Well I have a gazillion photos to upload, but I am too tired to tonight. I will get to it soon, I promise!

Mama Out!


Fancy That! said...

you are too funny! :)

Christina said...

Six months! Whatever did you do with your day before she got here? However did the cats get fed? ;)