Friday, August 15, 2008

Here we are at Friday again!!!!!

As you know from my posts before now, we have a cat missing. Our little Sophie. I miss her daily. We do get to see her occasionally. I tell her to come home, but she keeps telling me in her own way that she has no desire:( It's very frustrating to me. She is so close, but we can't get her. People seem to think we can walk up to her and grab her. She is feral. If we even look in her direction, she walks away. We don't want to chase her down as that will just upset her. It could possibly cause her to run around and not paying any attention also! That would not be good!!!!

Tuesday I canceled our vacation for next week. I can not go away when I am worried about my baby. I know some people think that I am crazy, but I don't care. I am her guardian and it is my job to make sure she is safe. As long as she is outside and I can see her, I can breath. When I can't see her, I am so upset. I didn't see her last night and stayed up till 3am driving around the neighborhood to see where she was! I feared the worst. However, Bill saw her today and so have I. I am ok for the moment. We are both disappointed that we have had to cancel 2 vacations now due to animal issues. Our girls come first though, so what can I say? We are committed to them.

Wednesday night I went to see Celine Dion in concert. She was in Boston. JC, our social worker for Ping went with me. Bill did not want to go. He was asking everyone, begging everyone to go with me. When we were on the phone one day last week, I mentioned it and she jumped at the chance to go. I told her Bill had no desire and I was dragging him. She was thrilled!!!!! So I met her in Braintree and onto the concert we went. I drove into Boston. Bumper to bumper. No surprise there!!! The concert was amazing. Truly phenomenal. She is a true diva! She is very passionate about what she does and it shows. Never mind those pipes! God she has a voice! It was really a wonderful time. She had an opening act that was hilarious. I can't remember what his name was. He was a comedian. Brian somethingorother!!!!! I got home close to 2. Saw Sophie and headed inside the house!!!!

I was so tired the next morning, that I decided to sleep in a little. That was the BIGGEST mistake. Ping isn't really destructive anymore, so I thought I was safe. How could I be so wrong????? Ping took every single tub toy and threw it into one of our sinks in the bathroom. She filled the sink to one hair below the overflow area! I am not sure how long she was entertaining herself, but I was horrified when I woke up. Not at first. At first I thought it was really brilliant of her. Then I saw the destruction and damage! She got water all over the bathroom floor, all over the cherry cabinets, all over the hardwood floors in the bedroom, all inside the cabinet doors, all over my stuff. I do not mean splashes or sprinkles. Oh no, not at all. I mean TIDAL WAVE!!!!!! I thought I was going to kill. It was my fault for sleeping, but still. UGH. It took me an hour to soak it all up and clean it the best I could. I am hoping the wood won't warp. I check it regularly. The entire inside was drenched. No towels inside that side either, all just stuff. Baskets, products.

After cleaning and getting ready, we headed downstairs. She decided to rip up paper and sprinkle it all over my office and color on stuff she shouldn't have, etc. She was just destructive that day. Oh well, I knew the potential was there! She is 3.

Today we had a visit from Ayi Trisha. We had a nice visit. She and her family just went to Turkey with her church. So she had a ton of photos and brought a bunch of stuff that she bought there to show me. It was nice to see. She got some beautiful things!!!!!!

Hopefully tonight I will be able to make out Ping's birthday invitations. I tried last night, but the pens that I debated over for hours, decided not to work. I was NOT happy last night at 7:30. I bought a bunch of different kinds and sets of colors, etc. I returned them all with the exception of what I was going to use! Then not one pen worked. I was annoyed. I headed out to get one or two things, and it ended up being a lot more than that. It was a late night. I took Ping with me. She was overtired and I was overtired and hot. We got home late, she ate late, I didn't eat at all and then she went to bed. I paid some bill and drove around till 2:30 or 3 in the morning, just canvasing the area for my baby. God I wish she would let us catch her butt!!!!!

Well that is it in a nutshell. Please say good wishes for us on our journey to catch the elusive beast. Thanks!!!!!

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Christina said...

I think Ping needs a puppy to keep her attention...