Monday, June 29, 2009

It's been a busy couple of days here

Ping and I had a play date on Friday with Marghrit, her sister Talar and Marghrit's two girls. The twins are 1 1/2 years old now. They are adorable. We had a fabulous time visiting. Marghrit made lunch for all of us, which was awesome. We then sat in the living room and let the girls play. Marghrit showed me her pictures from her April trip to Syria. She used to live there. She and Berj brought Ping home a sterling necklace with a little pendant that had a pearl and some rhinestones. So thoughtful. They also brought home a beautiful table covering for me. It's cream and gold. We had a great time. Marghrit also shared with me some cherries that are from Syria. They are tiny and bitter, but when soaked, they turn sweet. They make alcohol out of these cherries. The alcohol is made for special holidays like Easter and Christmas. I had a little glass of the cherry liquor. The official name of it escapes me. It was yummy!!!!

After our play date, we went to the store to get Daddy an anniversary card and then headed home. We were pretty tired from a long day of play.

Saturday was an odd day. It was dark out like it was going to rain. That is all we have had, so we believed that it would evenutally start. It did as well as some thunderstorms too. Bill worked in the garage hanging some cabinets and shelves. I stayed inside and organized and cleaned a few drawers and closets. I also gathered up all of our old coats and put them in a bag for Goodwill. That took up the entire afternoon. We didn't do much in the evening except watch TV.

Sunday we got up, gave each other anniversary cards and headed out the door. We went to the Channel 7 news Health and Fitness Convention. It was in Boston and it was free. We would only have to pay for parking. I have wanted to go the last two years they have put this convention on, but we never went. Bill wasn't thrilled, but he was a good sport about it. It was crowded and hot. I saw Helen, Ron and Michael from the Biggest Loser. I also saw quite a few newscasters. We missed Tedy Bruschi, but did see Jim Rice. Ping got her face painted, we had our blood pressures checked and we had our skin looked at for skin damage. We didn't do a lot as it was so crowded and the lines were very long. We waited over an hour just for Ping to have her face done!!!! Once we recovered from the $35.00 parking fee, we headed out of town. $35 dollars to park!!!!! We thought it was absurd for 4 hours. I have never paid that much in Boston that I can remember. Anyway, we had dinner at a restaurant close to the house because we hadn't had lunch and it was dinner time. We then came home and put Ping to bed. It was an exhausting day.

Ping and I had another play date today. We went to Sutton to visit with our friend Lisa and her three beautiful girls. Lisa had some of her good friends over with their children. All the kids did well together. We sat around the kitchen and chatted about everything from movies to adopting to getting veggies into our children. I had a wonderful time talking to these women. They were very warm and welcoming. Ping had a blast running all over with the other kids. We left in the early afternoon and grabbed some lunch. I was going to go straight home, but Ping was crying that she was starving. She also was upset because she had sand in her eyes from playing outside. So we had a quick lunch, went to the video store and headed home.

Tonight I had to go to Pepperell to meet a foster mom and the foster child that I have right now as a CASA volunteer. It went well. It was a trip out there, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it would take longer, but it truly didn't.

Now I am home, catching up here and then having dinner. I am pooped.

I hope you are well!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

Beautiful cloth from Syria.

Armig, Ping and Noushig.

Marghrit on the stairs.

Ping pushing Noushig.

Ping pushing Noushig with Armig in the background.

The girls playing.

Getting a free ride from Daddy.

Helen from the Biggest Loser.



Ping doing the obstacle course.

Ping kicking a soccer ball.

Grant Greenburg from Channel 7.

Byron Barnett from Channel 7.

Ping trying her hand at tennis.

Michael and Ron from the Biggest Loser.

The sun was somewhere finally, but he or she belongs outside!!!!

Frances Rivera from Channel 7.

Ping loving her Daddy.

Face painted princess.

Ping and Joe Amorosino from Channel 7.

Ping with Rhett Lewis from Channel 7.

Ping with Kim Khazei from Channel 7.

Ping in the park that was next to the parking lot that we parked in.

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