Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ping never ceases to amaze me

Today I took Ping to her 6 month check up at UMASS. Every six months, she sees the Craniao-Facial team there because of her Cleft Palate. Per them, she is doing wonderfully. Her speech is good, her palate is long and her tubes are still in. Every appointment starts with her weight and height being taken. We then see the speech specialist and then we sit in the waiting room. We then see one doctor to look at the palate repair and then we sit in the waiting room. We then go downstairs for an audiotory test and see the last doctor who looks in her ears. She had some wax in them, so the doctor removed the wax. Ping was great for one ear and upset for the second one. Regardless, she is doing excellent and I am so pleased.

Today she shocked me. The speech specialist always tries to engage her in talking so he can hear her speak. That is not a problem at all since she loves to chat. When we saw her Cleft Palate doctor, he said to her "What is your name?" She said "My name is Shayla Yu Ping, I am Chinese. I am from China." I was so blown away by this. We always tell her that she is from China, but she never seemed to care or really understand it. My jaw just dropped. I was so proud of her for saying it all. She also gave her age. She doesn't always do that. Most of the time she just ignores peoples questions because she is so hyper. I guess she is listening.

We spent the rest of the day at home as I had some business calls to make.

Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!!


Lesley said...

see - she is paying attention to you!!

Fancy That! said...

love the dolphin shots!