Monday, June 15, 2009

My furbaby

I took a few photos of her on Saturday and again just now. She seems happy to have her fur gone, but she certainly looks different. I know the hair cut was extreme, but I swear she really does feel better!

After a trip to Walmart as usual, we came home. I had a couple of estimates done at the house for various projects. I think I have made a few decent decisions on those projects as well. I believe it's been a productive day. At least I hope so.

Mama Out!!!!!

Our beloved Pinky at Ping's school carnival.

Hugs for a special clown and special girl.

So sweet.

Bouncing fun.

Beaver dragging a part of his home.

Unhappy pussycat.


Walking away from me. Poor baby, but I think she is more comfy.

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