Monday, June 22, 2009

School is DONE!!!!

It's been a crazy few days here. We have had a lot of activity. For Father's Day, I decided to give Bill the "Gift of Time." What that means is that instead of Bill doing the list of projects that need to be done here, I hired some people to do the jobs. I thought it was a great idea. I wanted the garage interior to be painted, I found someone to do it and they came out Saturday. I wanted to get some weeding, edging and bark mulch done so I hired someone to do that. I wanted the house to be power washed. Again, I hired someone to do that. When you work full time, it's nearly impossible to get stuff done. Most people know that. Add to it the New England weather which is always unpredictable and weekend obligations and you are left with limited time to accomplish anything! These are projects we needed to have done. I just didn't see how they could be done in July and August. I got a lot of estimates and got some really great prices on the work. So we have had a lot of people around the house lately.

Thursday I had to be here for the power washer. He came in the afternoon. At 10:00 am, I had to go to the end of the year classroom gathering at Ping's school. It was really cute. They all acted out nursery rhymes. Then the teacher gave her a book and a certificate of completion. So sweet.

On Friday, we hung around while the house was being cleaned. It's been a month and it was needed desperately.

Saturday we had painters come at 9:00 am. They were supposed to leave around noon. They didn't leave until 5:30 pm. We had a party to go to in Norwood. Needless to say, we never got there. However, it worked out great because our friend Anita came over. We watched "Lions for Lambs" after having dinner. The movie stunk. It was great to see her though.

I have been watching one movie a night since Blockbuster is running this special right now. So I have seen "Taken" and "Defiance" and "Slumdog Millionaire." All were great movies. Tonight I have "Revolutionary Road." I also saw "The Reader" as well as a bunch of others. It's been fun, but tiring. I stay up to watch the movie no matter what the time!!!!!!

Yesterday was Father's Day. Bill said he wanted something tangible. Told him that my fist was tangible. Of course we were joking with each other. I told him that if he hired someone to do some of the upcoming projects I have, I would be the most loving and wonderful wife ever. Good thing I don't have to worry about it. It is never going to happen. I know my husband.

We went to Gymboree, Michaels, Home Depot and Flying Rhino for linner! We didn't have lunch, so we had linner. It was okay. We got a few organizational things for the garage. I hate Home Depot with a passion. I hate Lowes as well. I don't know why, but it's the most boring store in the world to me. I also hate looking for stuff in the store. I wanted to drag my heels, but I had to go as it was for the garage that I am trying to make neat!

Ping was hilarious yesterday. She locked herself in my bathroom while I was showering. She also locked in Neesha. I asked her to open the door and show her Daddy something. She said she couldn't or Neesha would scratch her. Neesha was on the counter staring at the door. Ping was worried if she reached for the knob, Neesha would think that she was playing with her. So all of a sudden, she turns to me, puts one finger up and says "I have an idea." So she took the step stool to my bed that was locked in with us and put it up to the door. She petted Neesha and told her she was a nice kitty as she reached for the door handle. She was too far. So I told her to turn the other sink on so Neesha would move. Neesha didn't move. So Ping put the step stool closer to the door and started to pet Neesha again while she reached for the knob. She got it and opened the door. I was so impressed. She has problem solving skills and she isn't even four yet. I was proud of her.

She also has a glorious personality. Last night at dinner, she got ice cream for dessert. It came with her dinner. So I opened my mouth and pointed and said "Ah, ah." That is what she does when she wants something to eat. She knows how to ask, but if Bill has something she wants, she goes to him and does the pointing and the "Ah, ah." She knows it cracks us up and that is why she does it. So last night I started doing the "Ah, ah" and then Bill chimed in with the same thing. Ping couldn't stop laughing. She totally knows when we are mocking her. She was giggling like crazy. Then Bill and I got dessert. We never do. It was only because it was a special day. Usually we are too stuffed. Anyway, Ping started the "Ah, ah" and pointed to Bill and to me. She was signalling that he had to share his dessert with me and me with him and then she would make us share ours with her. Do you think she parted with her ice cream? Hell no. She really is quite the gem. I love her personality. I love how she totally gets when we are behaving like her.

Today was Ping's last day at school. After I went swimming, I picked her up and we came home. We had two gentlemen working in the rain out in the yard. The weather has truly been awful. Ping did a few projects at the kitchen table while I put some pictures in frames and in books. I also booked her birthday party. I tried to find invitations I like. I made a few calls for CASA. I can't even name everything I did today. I will say that I truly put in a great day and I am happy about that. I love beebopping along.

Well that is all for now. Guess I will upload a few photos:)

Mama Out!!!!!

Ping is in the Rub a Dub Dub.

My chef.

Mrs. Ivers on the right. One of Ping's teachers.

Three girls in the tub.

Ping is in the back.

Trying to get off the chef apron.

My happy girl.

Mrs. Bowman in the purple, handing off stuff to Mrs. Ivers. Two of the three teachers in Ping's classroom.

Another cute rhyme.

Mrs. Milton. Ping' primary teacher.

A bunch of her friends.

Mrs. Milton reading to Ping. She told each student how special they were to the classroom.

Holding her book.

Snack time.

Sophie sitting in a odd spot for her.

My special ladybug.

Mexican style!

Another shot of the Mexican style top. It's too big at the top right now I guess.

Neesha in a box.

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Lesley said...

I love how Ping's sense of humor is really coming out!! What a honey!!