Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fab day today

We were home all day today and it was perfect. I have done nothing but work today, but I love it.

I cleaned the white risers on the stairs today. That was no fun, but they look fantastic. I also sent out Ping's birthday invitations after addressing them. I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and dining room floors. I wrote an email to American Airlines and a few other places to take care of stuff. I called and met with a tree removal guy. I made appointments. Worked on some CASA stuff and some other items. I just did so many things and believe it or not, I have mostly sat at this desk all day just working. I love it, I really do. I feel like I got a lot done and it's not someone else telling me what to do. I am so glad I am not punching the alarm clock and heading to work where I am poorly paid and stuck working with crabby people. I keep thinking that today is the day I am going to stop appreciating being home. It hasn't happened yet. I seriously thank the lucky stars daily. I love living my life. I don't feel like I have been living my life for years now. I am a fairly happy go lucky gal right now. If my parents were alive, I would be downright giddy!!!!!

I have to share a quick story about Ping. Ping was sitting on the bed today while I got out her comb so that I could straighten her hair. Ping says, "I want chicken fingers Mama." Well it was 10 am and I didn't think that chicken fingers were appropriate, so I said that she could have some breakfast food. So she said "I want an awful Mama." That means she wants a waffle. So I said to her "Daddy makes you waffles, Mama doesn't make you waffles." Now I can absolutely make a waffle, but I was just teasing her and pointing out that waffles and Daddy time was special on the weekends. Now are you ready? The girl says "Daddy is a good cooker Mama. You are a good heater." I am like WHAT???? So she repeats it. I said to her "Are you trying to say that Daddy cooks for you?" She said yes. Then I said "Are you saying that all I do is heat food up for you????" To which she replied while laughing hysterically "Yes Mama." STINKER. She has me pegged. I don't cook. Daddy does all the cooking. I heat up chicken fingers and soup and leftovers. I can make a sandwich and I can roll ham and cheese with the best of them, but I am no "cooker." She is just priceless. If I could bottle her, I could sell it for millions. Cure for depression, have some "PING."

Mama Out!!!!!

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