Thursday, October 29, 2009

I remember one thing!

I know Ping said something last night that was hysterical, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. However, I can share this story now that I remember it. Ping has brought home Scholastic book catalogs twice now. Each time I have ordered maybe 5 items. Last week, there was a book fair at school. I didn't bother worrying about it because Ping has recently gotten all the books I have ordered for her. So she comes home the other day and says to me in an aggravated tone "Mama, you forgot to give me money for the book fair and so I couldn't buy any books like all the other kids." It broke my heart at first because I hated to think she was the only one that didn't participate. So I told her that it was only because she has gotten so many books lately, that I didn't get involved with the fair.

The next day as I am dropping her off, I apologize to her teacher for putting her in an awkward spot and tell her why I didn't bother getting involved with the book fair. She said she completely understood and told Shayla that I have bought her a ton of books and those are the ones that she is always putting in Shayla's backpack to take home. Talk about feeling like the loser mom.

I also apologized to the organizer on Facebook as she is someone I am friendly with. I included the explanation. Well yesterday I got an email because another person added to the message on that person's Facebook page. It said "Jill, Shayla told me the same thing. You forgot to give her money for the book fair." I had to laugh. It is now getting around town that I am an awful mother. How can I earn the trophy if I don't get my stuff together. I am getting a reputation I guess! Oh my precious Ping!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

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