Thursday, October 8, 2009

The week in review

I knew I needed to catch up here, but didn't realize the week had gone by!

Monday we went to Playtown Express with Mindy and Ciara after school.

On Tuesday, I took Ping to her ice skating lesson and then I had dinner with Bobby Joe. I had a wonderful time. I always enjoy our time together. The only issue this day is that I didn't feel great and by the time dinner was over and I was driving home, I felt pretty terrible. How can that be? I just got over my last cold or whatever you want to call it just two days ago!!!

Wednesday was pretty awful. I felt terrible. My head was splitting. I was lethargic. I had a cough. It was a good day anyway. My friend Jillian came over for a visit with her two little foster boys. I watched them for a few hours while she had to work. I felt awful that I had so little energy, but I couldn't get it together no matter what I did. It was good to see the boys and I always enjoy visiting with Jillian.

Today I ran to Auburn to pick something up after I dropped Ping off at school. I had an 11:30 am appointment with a doctor filling in for mine. So I grabbed Ping from school and off we went. It wasn't a good appointment. The woman doctor had no time for me and was as condescending as she could possibly be. She proceeded to teach me about proper hand hygiene!!!! I wanted to tell her to save it for an idiot, I don't need the chat. I could own stock in hand gel. It's in my purse, car, house, etc. I told her I didn't even touch doors for fear of picking stuff up. She said that didn't have a lot of bearing on what I was saying. How could it not????? Then Ping blew her nose. The doctor proceeded to tell me that it wasn't good that she was touching her nose. I told her that if Ping sneezes or blows her nose, she washes her hands right after. That is the truth. I hated this doctor and I am half tempted to call and complain. I have too many other things to do though. This doctor also proceeded to educate me on the use of antibiotics. Are you kidding me lady? Do I look stupid????? I do understand a doctor trying to educate a parent. I really do, but don't do so like I don't have a clue. Wait to see if I have a deer in the headlights look and if I do, proceed. I don't want to take antibiotics if I don't have too. However, I can't live with being sick for over a month either! UGH.

I rushed home to meet the house appraiser and then took Ping to dancing lessons. I had plans tonight, but I had to cancel them. I have been feeling too tired and the head has been killing me. I just needed to stop. I came home and napped for a short time.

Ping has been a nut all week long. We have transferred her into her own room. It's not been easy. She wakes up at 5 am crying. We go in and comfort her. She is going to bed every night in her own room though. I am thrilled. I miss her, but she needs her own room and I need mine!!!!! I love going in and seeing her in the morning. One morning when Ping was crying, Bill brought her to our bedroom. That was a very big no no. We are working on it. It will take time. This morning she made her own bed too. I was so proud of her. She gets a sticker every day if she sleeps in her bed. After 10 stickers, she will get a gift of some sort. It's been a tiring week for us all during this transition. I could not be more proud of her!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

Fashion diva. She made the "grass skirt" out of strips of paper she cut! She did a great job. Where she comes up with this stuff is beyond me.

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