Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paint nightmare

I had an appointment yesterday with a gentleman that specializes in paint problems. About four years ago, we painted the house a very light gray with a purple tinge to it. Someone said it was the color of a purple Necco wafer and it truly is. Well when we had the house painted, it was done with a flat oil paint. Little did we know that oil paint in the future would be a nightmare. Apparently, oil attracts mold. So last year we bought a power washer because the whole house looked horrible from the mold. We didn't get a chance to do the entire house, but we did most of it. It looked good, but only for a short time.

Flash forward to this summer. I hired a professional power washer. Clearly he could do better than us. For $500 he power washed the entire house and said it would look good for at least 3-4 years. Well one month later, the house looked horrendous again. I called the power washing gentleman to ask what he thought the issue was. He said he had no clue. He thought it could be the paint, but he wasn't sure. So I called the place where the paint was bought and they set up an appointment to have a gentleman come out and check out the situation. Yesterday the gentleman came out and took a look and told me that four years ago, we didn't know that oil paint was going to attract mold, especially when you use a flat texture vs a sheen texture. If it had a little gloss in it, we would have been okay. However, we didn't. Basically, we are stuck with the mold issue. So everything I have tried to do has been in vain. Very upsetting. Needless to say, we need to have the house painted with a 100% acrylic paint with some gloss in it in order to solve the issue. The house doesn't need to be painted right now, but I can't stand the mold either. Makes the house look dirty. Talk about being at a cross roads! So that was yesterdays big revelation.

It was gorgeous out yesterday and our neighbor Heidi took Ping for a walk. Ping was tickled pink. Well sort of pink. She had pink pants on, but while walking, she saw a big pile of leaves and decided to jump into them. Needless to say, she arrived home pretty dirty. Since we had nowhere to be for the day, I didn't have her change. Well because she didn't jump up from lunch fast enough, she had a little accident in her underwear. Before I knew it, she was in a different outfit. However, her clothes were fine, so I told her to put her clothes back on and save the outfit she had on for another day. Now for the life of me, I can't remember, but she did something else to herself a few hours later, so she had to change out of those clothes again! So she put on one of her play dresses. Hard to keep up with this tyke.

We had a nice day at home yesterday. Ping colored a good part of the afternoon. I closed my eyes for a few because this nightly waking up of hers is killing me. I also did a lot of paperwork that needed to be done.

Today we are home for the day in the afternoon until I have to bring her to dancing. She loves her dancing class. She loves her skating class as well, but the other day she was so tired that she didn't want to really skate. She passed out on the way there. When I opened the door and woke her, she fell apart. She finally woke up in the last ten minutes of class!!!

Well I am off to get a few things done before I have to pick Ping up at school.

Mama Out!!!!!!

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