Friday, October 30, 2009

Heading off for a soak in the tub

I thought I would write here before I headed off for a tub. Today was a good day. Ping had a little Halloween party at school. It was quick and really pretty cute. Unfortunately, she was mad about the snack I gave her. She didn't want this snack! So she didn't eat it. She then left the classroom without me and wouldn't walk straight out to the car or let me hold her hand. I was getting really flustered with her. I was also so not pleased with her behavior. We headed to the bank and then home. I got an email from my friend Marjorie telling me that she got her children their flu shots in Tewksbury today. When I called the CVS minute clinics they said they had no flu vaccines in MA. So when she wrote back that she was just at CVS in Tewksbury and that info was wrong, I immediately called again. They confirmed that they had the shot in Maynard and also Westford. So I told Ping to jump in the car and we headed out immediately. Ping has a cold, but I was told as long as there is no fever, she can have the shot. I drove there quickly because they were going to lunch from 1:00-2:00 pm and I wanted to get it done. It was one of those things that make you run against the clock. Sure enough, we were the last ones taken before lunch. Ping did great. She only cried for a minute. I told her to not look at the needle. She said "Why not Mama?" All I could say is that I am 40 and I don't look at it! Lol.

I took Ping to McDonalds since it was across the street and we hadn't eaten. She wanted to play in the play area which made my toes curl. I don't want her playing in a germ infested place. However, I let her for a few. I bought her a little ice cream so I could distract her and then we headed home. Once home, I actually checked my emails and sat down to read and to close my eyes for a few. I ended up sleeping on the chair for a good long time. Much longer than I expected. I just felt groggy. I woke up a million times, but I kept passing back out. Needless to say, when I got up, I had a ton of energy. So I cleaned up the mess that Ping and Bill made. Actually they made quite a few messes. The house is now clean and I am heading off to the tub now.

I hope all is well and have a Happy Halloween!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

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