Friday, October 23, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if Ping can get any cuter!!!!

This morning as we are getting ready to go to school, I stopped to fix some pictures that I just hung up in the hallway. I just took out some old photos and put in some new ones. Ping says to me "Mama, you can do that at home after you drop me off, let's go now." I had to laugh. She is such a boss!!!!!!!

Some days I wish I had a recorder because I can't remember everything she says and I want to write it down here.

We had a ladybug in the kitchen and Ping says "Mama, that is my favorite bug." She gets a paper towel like her Daddy and tells the ladybug that she needs to get onto the paper towel so that she can release her. So she says "Ladybug, please come here, this towel is very soft and I promise I will not step on you. I want to let you go outside so that you can be with your friends." Ping is such a gentle baby. She is too lovable!!!!!!

She has said a few other things today that have just made me smile. She truly is a gem. I did ask her the other day to stop growing so tall. I told her that I wanted her to stay my little girl forever and she was growing up so fast. She turns to me and says "Okay Mommy, I will grow just one more day and then I will stop." She cracks me up.

Today we are home for the day. We are tired. Bill had an ambulance call at 3:00 am and we all woke up for that. Then Ping wanted a new Pull Up at 6:00 am. We were going to go out tonight, but Bill is on call and he is super tired. So we are in for the night. We have a busy weekend anyway.

Well that is all for now. Talk to you soon dear friends!

Mama Out!!!!!

Heart Attack!

The pink pants she was wearing when she jumped into the leaves!

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