Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is it Fall or Winter?

Friday was windy as could be, but it wasn't raining like I thought it was going to. After getting Ping from school, we drove to Burlington to meet with my friend Marjorie and her son Timmy and new daughter Diana. Diana has been home from China since August. She is just beautiful. She is a spit fire and I loved every minute we spent with her. It was so nice to be able to sit and chat with Marjorie and Timmy and Ping really enjoy each others company. Unfortunately, we were at a restaurant, so the kids couldn't run around and play, but it was the only time we had to get together and we didn't have a long window. We are getting together again and we are going to find a place for the kids to play.

The rest of the day was low key. I got a ton of stuff done and then passed out in my chair while I was trying to watch TV.

On Saturday, I woke up to see the sun. The weather was forecasted to be pouring rain! What a welcome surprise. After doing a few things around the house, the three of us piled in the car and headed to Connecticut to visit with friends. I called Anita on the way because I haven't spoken with her in forever as she has been in New Zealand. She had a wonderful time.

We were in Connecticut in no time. We got to our friend's home in 1 and 1/2 hours. We met Mike, Alexis and Stephani when we went on our cruise in June. We had the good fortune of sharing a table. We dined nearly nightly with them and got to know them really well. We were thrilled to find out that they only lived two hours from us! So we have been trying to plan a time when we could get together and this was the day. It's hard because Mike works the weekends and we only have the weekends open usually. Where there is a will, there is a way. Thanks go out to Mike for leaving work early:)

We arrived around four and were instantly greeted by this fabulous family. What a welcome, especially given the cold. We were thrilled because we truly couldn't wait to spend the day with them. Ping was beyond excited because Alexis and Stephani picked up an awesome glow pumpkin necklace, a cool pumpkin drinking cup and some crafts. Ping loves her crafts. She and Alexis jumped right in with those. We were able to chat and enjoy some appetizers. Stephani is more than a cook! She is Martha Stewart on speed! She made these adorable witches hats and crostini breads with goat cheese and fig jelly on top. DELISH! I couldn't have been thrilled with just that. I didn't want to stuff myself though because I had a feeling something special for dinner was going to be served. Sure enough, dinner was grand. What I didn't expect was the scary gummy candy hiding under the napkin. I got a foot. Bill got an eyeball. Ping got a finger. So for dinner, we had squash soup which was to die for, an endive, bleu cheese and walnut salad with the most fabulous dressing, potato croquets with bleu cheese in the middle and filet mignon with a wonderful balsamic sauce over the top. To die for. I haven't had food like that since the ship!!!!! This woman could change her career. In addition to a wonderful dinner, their house is amazingly beautiful. I would kill for their main family room. Tall ceilings, a comfy couch, an ottoman that would fit me and a friend and a great table that they can sit at to do puzzles at. It is backed up to a wonderful window seat. There is beautiful white built in cabinets and a fireplace. It was just big and airy and wonderful to entertain in. The Halloween decorations were adorable and fun. The dining room table was so elegant. If anyone can do Halloween elegantly, it's Stephani. Wait till you see pictures, then you can decide. After dinner we had pumpkin and vanilla ice cream with an apple pie/crisp. Deliciouso!!!!! It was so nice to just sit and chat. I have to laugh because I told Stephani that she is the type that would never make Hamburger Helper. She does, but I am quite sure that she does something to it to make it taste wonderfully. So what do they put in a bag as a surprise for me?????? Hamburger Helper with corn and directions. I got a kick out of that!!!! We had a fabulous time and can't thank them enough for their entertainment. They are truly funny and wonderful people. We are so blessed to have such great friends in our life.

Ping passed out after about 10 minutes on the way home, but the darling woke up when we got in. Naturally, Daddy had to read a book to her!!!!!

This morning, Bill was going to jump out of bed and take Ping to Sunday school. Well he didn't jump out of bed. He took one look at the weather and said "Does she really have to go?" I told him not to worry about it. If I had more time, I would have gotten up myself to bring her. It was a good thing I didn't though becauase someone who did some power washing over the summer called to come by and look at the house. We have been having a problem with mold! Very upsetting to look at the house and see this black stuff on it now. I walked around the house looking with this guy, freezing my tail off. It was cold out there. I got soaked too. Not a biggie. Once he left, I started to clean out the referidgerator and freezer. That took much longer than I expected. I looked at every expiration date and threw away everything that I didn't want to touch anymore. We had doubles of stuff and we don't have the room for that, so I tossed that stuff. We also hung two Origami cranes in Ping's room and a few other things that we got while we were in Vermont. We really got a lot done today. Bill took Ping shopping while I matched up the dreaded receipts to the credit card bill. It was a day of horrible projects, but they are done. YAY!!!!!!

Well I am off to bed so that when the alarm goes off, I don't swear under my breath. Who is kidding who, I still will swear under my breath!!!!!!!

Hope you are well!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

Ping with her craft project. Puppets made out of bags.

Martha Steward McCreepy style. Just beautiful.

Check out those colors!!!!! Silver and purple were our wedding colors, so maybe I am biased?

Another shot of the table!

Pretty napkin and napkin ring.

Overview shot of the table.

Scary guy in the corner.

The girls having fun.

Lounge lizards. I have such cozy envy!

The wonderful family with their cute grapefruit family member. He has been around past his time. He has dried to a crisp. It's hilarious.

Another shot of them. Unfortunately, we had two cameras going and they were looking at the other. I am probably going to get a picture of them looking, so stay tuned.

Ping cooking. Martha, what did you do to my girl?????

White trash magnet.

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