Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I hate flies. We seem to be having a fly problem and I have no idea. I have been chasing down three for the last 10 minutes. I got one, but two have continued to harass me. I don't hate that much in life, but I do hate these disgusting and dirty insects!!!

Yesterday I took the three kids to therapy for Yamira. It's play therapy. It went fine. I still am thinking it's a waste of time. I don't need to sit in a small room with dirty toys for 30 minutes and watch these children play. I can watch them play and discipline them appropriately at home. It's been years since I have been in school, but I did double major in Sociology and spent a lot of time taking Early Childhood Education while in school. I am by far not perfect, but I have enough skills to know how to watch children and discipline them. I don't feel I need to do this somewhere else. What I think these two need is therapy one on one in the home or at a specialized place. Needless to say, I am not really pleased. It went better than last week though. I stepped back and didn't intervene as much as I did last week. I still did quite a bit, but I backed off a tad. I wanted to see what this woman was planning on doing during our time there. She kept saying, "Why don't we ask your Mommy or maybe Mommy can get Manny so we can play this game." Not for nothing, but Mommy is on top of these three all day long. Why am I doing it here? I backed off so she could see some of the behaviors in which I have been trying to discuss with her. When I jump in, she doesn't witness them. We are going next week as well, but I have discussed this with the social worker and we are thinking of moving them to another place.

Other than therapy and an errand to the grocery store, we were home! Manny took a late nap and before you know it, Daddy was home and dinner was served.

Today I got up and got the three kids ready to head to Billerica. We were meeting other Mom's in an adoptive group that I belong to at the playground. It's a nice playground, but it was a drive and to be honest, we all barely got to talk as we were too busy following around our own children. I don't mind driving, but if I am going to, I would love to be able to at least sit and chat. Not that we didn't at all, but it was hard. We left around 12:30 pm to head to the UPS store and then to get gas and come home for lunch. Unfortunately, Manny didn't get a formal nap as he napped in the car.

The kids were pretty good today. Fewer time outs. Bill did take them to jump in the trampoline at our neighbor's house and Manny jumped in the kiddie pool they have. That unnerved dear hubby to no end as Bill just told Manny to step away from the pool. So he delivered Manny back to the house with tears in Manny's eyes and anger in Bill's. I understand too well. Unfortunately, I had a 6:00 pm appointment, so I couldn't even help Bill. So off I went. When I got home, they were eating dinner. We then gave them a nice bath and went to bed. I did get back up after accidentally falling asleep. Hence the reason why I can catch up here!

I formally rescinded our 10 day notice for the kids. We have decided to work it out with them. I can see small changes. I have hope. If they can turn out like Ping is, we would be golden. We have been so blessed with Ping. I know it's a lot to hope for, but you need to have hope, right?

Mama Out!!!!!

Three cats looking for solitude. Sasha is way over on the right. Her little head is sticking up.

My climber.




Snack time.

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