Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have a fish

I took Ping to her first swimming lesson today. It's a 90 minute session of swimming and playing. She was the only child there. It was great though. I swam in the deep end and she learned how to swim with a few of them instructors at the shallow end. Within an hour, she was swimming by herself with a flotation belt. She had a ball. My heart burst with joy just watching her.

She said she didn't want to do errands after because she doesn't like errands. She said she was going to swim all day. However, I had to get some things done. We went to Michaels, IParty, Goodwill, Blockbuster and Walmart. I didn't shower till 3:00 pm.

After catching up with emails, I did a little reading and took a little nap. I was pretty sleepy. Bill went to bed with Ping after her bath. He is working at 3:00 am because he is fit testing the middle of the night hospital shift. Dinner never happened. Oh well.

Tomorrow I am thinking of taking Ping to the library for a short time. The weather today was awful. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring weather wise, but June has been awfully wet!

Take care.

Mama Out!!!!!

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