Monday, November 2, 2009

Well I never did have that soak Friday

I think I opted to watch TV vs taking the bath. I took one last night though.

Saturday was great as it was Halloween. We took Sasha to be groomed. She needed a lion cut because her fur was so long it was bothering her. We also had some gel caps put on her feet. That didn't make for a happy cat. Hopefully she will stop picking everything to death though. We ran and did a few errands while we were waiting for her to be done and then we headed home and had some pizza.

Bill and Shayla went to Walmart and I took a short nap. At 5:30 pm, I dressed up my sweetie pie in her Barbie Musketeer outfit and we headed off to visit with our neighbors. We then came back to the house and met with Donna and Nicole and then headed off to Trick or Treat. We met our neighbor Cheryl over there and ended up walking together. Ping went door to door with Cheryl's son Jayson and his friend. They had a blast. Ping was so full of energy. She literally ran to nearly every door. The neighborhood was much darker than I expected. The only thing that I could think would be why is that it was a Saturday night and people may have been out at parties. We had a great time and the weather was phenomenal. Very windy, but warm. After we finished Trick or Treating, we headed home and changed Ping. We then had dinner out. Donna brought Ping a card, some marshmellow treats and a Pez stick for Halloween. She also brought her an adorable dolphin tee from Florida and a really cute Christmas ornament that says Princess on it. It's a cap with Micky Mouse/Minnie Mouse ears. She gave us a really pretty silver ornament in the shape of the ears as well. Can't wait to put it on our tree.

Sunday morning came and Ping went with Daddy down to the church to have breakfast. Once a month they have breakfast at the church and so Bill thought that the two would go. He then dropped Ping off at Sunday School. I slept. I rather sleep thank you very much. When Bill and Ping returned, we started working on cleaning out my garage a little more and my mom's room as well. We actually got a lot done. It was nice to be home for the day. I topped the day off with a tub soak while reading my favorite People magazine.

I didn't sleep all night. I have no idea why. Who doesn't sleep after a warm bath? When the alarm went off, Bill got up and said he had a cold. Ping coughed all night long and was tired as was I. I told Bill I was going to keep Ping home since she was so tired and her cough sounded terrible. He agreed. Needless to say, Ping never rested. She bounced around my head like a crazy kid. I should have taken her. She will be going tomorrow!!!! We did go out late morning to pick something up at a Freecycler's house, but that was a bust. The stuff wasn't left out for us after driving for 35 minutes. We did drop some donations off at Savers, stopped to get a shake and a sandwich and then headed home. Ping spent the day bouncing off the walls. She is truly one drippy nosed, congested, can barely breath mess:( Now it's hitting us. Nothing like sharing.

Bill and Ping are working on one of her activity work books. She is going to bed very, very soon. She is overtired. I am going to catch some TV I guess.

Mama Out!!!!!

Sleeping with foot on fact.

No clue her foot is on his face.

My turkey at school for Halloween.

Close up of turkey.

Ping's class.

My Barbie Musketeer.

Ping and Jayson.

Anna's house.

Anna and Ping.

Tiara to mask transformation.

David, Ping and Ethel. Precious.

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