Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turning the corner I hope

On Sunday, we got up really early to get to Avon, MA. We got tickets to The Enchanted Village at Jordans Furniture. From 9 am-11 am, foster and adoptive families were invited to tour the village at no cost. So I dragged myself out of bed on a Sunday so that we could go. I get to sleep in on Sundays, so I wasn't thrilled to be getting out of bed, but I really wanted to go to this event.

We got there a little after 9:00 am. We toured the village, had a picture with Elliot the owner and then went into another room where there was someone making balloon shapes, there was food, there was Santa and a line to get into the LITE show. Bill and Ping ate fruit, muffins, french toast. This was all passed food by waiters and waitresses. They had coffee and hot chocolate. There was water and juice too. It was done really well. I didn't eat a thing. I have been on antibiotics and sometimes things don't sit well with me. I didn't feel I should risk it.

I jumped in the balloon line because I knew Ping would want a balloon. The line was horrendous. I finally had to get out and take Ping to the line to get a picture with Santa. The wait was an hour. Bill stood in line for the balloon. We have made a unanimous parental decision that we will never stand in another balloon line again. It sucks the life out of you and this isn't the first time it's happened to us. Unless the line is very small, we are done! It won't be easy to explain to Ping if she sees the balloon person, but it is a total time robber. I got a picture of Ping with Santa, but it didn't come out that great unfortunately. I was going to get into the face painting line, but figured it would be much like the balloon line. Ping and I jumped into the LITE line and I stood guard so that I could flag down Bill once the darn balloon had been given to him. He caught up with us. I think we stood for another 45 minutes for the LITE show, but it was well worth it. Ping love it. She clapped through the entire thing. It was all laser lights set to Christmas music.

We left there after noon and headed to Anita's. I had to grab something from her. We then finally headed home! What a long day. Once home, we did a few things around the house. We were pretty tired from the drive and the activities, so we didn't do as much as I wanted too.

Monday brought a busy day for me. I dropped Ping off at school and headed off to do some major errands. We are hosting Thanksgiving and also Bill's birthday was the next day, so I needed to grab a bunch of things. We also had the gutters cleaned that afternoon. I think I may go into the gutter business. Good money for little work.

Tuesday morning was another busy day for me. Bill had gone to Big Y the night before and bought a million dollars worth of icing for cookies. I returned it all on Tuesday. Sugar cookies need not be $20.00. I also went to the liquor store, to get balloons and a few other things. After picking up Ping, we headed down to the Buick dealership. They were suppose to order a part for me. I have been waiting on it to come in. Then it supposedly came in and it got sent back because it was never picked up. Not my fault. I have been harassing them regularly about this. So I had to run by to make sure the car was looked at so that when the part came back, they could make sure it was correct. Oy Vey!

In the afternoon, I took Ping to ice skating. She is still using mostly one foot and not gliding that much. I can only hope she catches on soon. Daddy met us there. We all came home and Bill opened his gifts. Ping then watched a movie while we had a meeting here with a gentleman that took over some bank accounts. Nice guy, but very boring meeting. By the time he left, it was late, Ping was late getting to bed and we were all just plain tired. So dinner was skipped for Bill and I. Not a big deal, it's a fairly normal occurrence here. Bill never returned to the first floor. The two of them were passed out for the night. I came downstairs and watched a little TV.

This morning I had yet another day of running around. It doesn't seem to end. The truck is finallyready after 1 1/2 weeks, so I had to run two checks to the auto body shop. We are now home. Ping is finger painting. I need to do some cleaning. I so am not in the mood though. It comes and goes. I find energy and then I lose it.

Ping has said a lot of really funny and adorable things this week. Of course I think they are funny because I am Mom and I believe my daughter is brilliant. Maybe not funny for anyone else though.

I have been putting these as statuses on my Facebook account, so if you are a friend on there, you have already heard all of this.

Ping "Mama, you are the best in the whole world." All I did was give her a Play doh cut out in the shape of a penguin. I love her standards:) Last night Ping got a Starlight mint from Daddy. The white and red striped kind. Ping says "Do you have any more Daddy?" When he said that was the only one he had, she says ..."Are you sure" as she literally pats down all of his shirt pockets. It was hilarious.

Ping is dismayed that we do not have a flag with a turkey on it for the front of the house. Had a Halloween flag, now she wants a turkey. When I told her we didn't have one, Ping says "Well we will just have to buy one." This child says "We will just have to buy ______ every day." When her ballet shoes were missing,... it was "We will just have to buy another pair." I have yet to see the girl open her piggy bank!

Ping just called Daddy to read him the riot act. "Daddy, you got the wrong ice cream sandwiches. You got squares and not rectangles. They are suppose to be rectangles. Next time you have to get the right ones, okay?" He bought her mini ice cream sandwiches that are 100 calories. She feels like she got taken. I doubt... he even noticed that they were squares or said mini on the package.

A friend of Ping's supposedly invited her over for a sleep over. You know, making plans with each other without any parents knowing? Anyway, Ping says "Mama, I need my sleeping bag." You don't have one, I told her. "We will just have to go buy one and I need marshmellows too for the smores because we are going to c...amp out. We need fire too Mama." Hmmm, fire not purchasable. Thank god. Such elaborate plans.

Still on my second dose of antibiotics and I am feeling so much better now. Yay. I hope this means that I have truly turned the corner.

Mama Out!!!!

Crazy baby.

Ice cream shop.

Miss Ping in front of horse in scene.

Another picture of the ice cream shop.

Cute bear in buggy.

Kitty with a bear under the ottoman.

Listening to stories.

Do I have to say cheese again?

Losing her oomph.

Awful photo of us with the store owner, Elliot.

Catching snowflakes.


Still trying to get the snowflakes.

Ping and Santa. She had a wonderful smile, but I didn't catch it and neither did the photographer you see on the left. If the picture was clearer and closer, it would have been great.

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