Saturday, November 21, 2009

So stuffed up!!!!!

Yesterday was a pretty boring day. I have been feeling so awful, that I haven't done much except to stay home and work on some Christmas stuff and a few other things. I did take Ping to dancing. I know she loves it, but I hate sitting in the waiting room. There are a bunch of brothers and sisters of the little dancers and these kids seem to all be coughing and sneezing. I just feel like I need to wrap myself in bubble wrap at this point.

We had Chinese food for dinner. I was really disappointed in it. I didn't think it tasted good and I felt like it wasn't well cooked. Bill gave Ping a Starlight Mint after dinner. Ping says "Daddy, do you have any more? Bill said "No baby, that is my only one." Ping says "Are you sure Daddy" as she pats down his shirt pockets. She doesn't miss a trick! Thank goodness he didn't have any or he would have been cooked goose!

After I listened to the book Daddy read Ping, I came downstairs to watch a little TV. I started feeling worse and worse. I decided to raid my medicine closet. I found an old Z-pack and decided to pop in two antibiotic pills. I couldn't stand the pain in my face and in my ears. I feel like I am getting a double ear infection.

This morning I called Urgent Care in Dedham. I have never had to do that before, but I really had to do something. A doctor called me back and proceeded to tell me to get Afrin nasal spray after I told her what has been going on with me for two weeks. Afrin spray?????? I have two nose sprays. I have been taking Mucinex-D. I have taken one Z-pack already. I don't need a freaking spray!!!!! She was not listening to me. Listen, I respect doctors and clearly they know more than me, but when it comes to my sinsuses, trust me, I know what I am talking about!!!!!! Afrin spray isn't going to get through cement and that is what I have. I got a cold on top of the infection I never got rid of. The new cold came in on top of me treating the infection. I never had a chance. So after a little discussion, she ordered me another antibiotic. I don't want to take another, but it's what I need!!!!!!!! She also suggested a Neti Pot. Well the last time I used one, the water got stuck in my sinuses and it made me feel like someone walked up to me and point blank shot me in the face. So I am a little leary right now. I am going to find an ENT as fast as I can. I know it's the way my sinuses are engineered. I have a deviated septum and that makes it harder for me to drain. It's time to look into how deviated my septum is. You wanted to know this, right?

Bill went out on a call and them blew some leaves around for an hour. Ping wanted a "messy project" so I got her out the Play doh. What fun that is. Not. I actually sat with her for a few minutes and made a few things. Ping turned to me at one point and said "Mama, you are the best Mama in the world." So very sweet.

I ran to CVS for my new prescription and came home to find Ping had changed. I asked her why she changed into her Princess dress, but she said she had just wanted to. I asked if she had an accident. After all, she had already had an accident today. She said she hadn't. Sure enough I found a towel on the floor in the bathroom. She had another accident. She is waiting too long to go to the bathroom. She should be beyond this. She has backslided a little and it's very frustrating for me. It bugs Bill too. I am already not feeling well, the last thing I need to do is pick up her mess. I have to say, she does attempt to pick it up herself. She also picked up a lot of her Play doh tonight. Bill and I still had to do a thorough cleaning though.

I took a short nap since Ping had my TV going with a movie on. I started to read, but closed my eyes withing minutes. After we put Ping to bed, we came downstairs to eat and I painted my nails. Pretty boring night, but that is okay. Especially when I feel bad. I am feeling better though.

I got through today and that was my wish. I lost my mom two short years ago today. I started to think about it, but I had to push it back for my emotional state. I was already feeling awful physically, I didn't want to sink to an all time low. This day is important, but I miss my parents every day.

Well I need to get up early in the morning, so I am off to bed.

Mama Out!!!!!

My college graduation.

Mom and Dad on their wedding day. I love you two more than anything in the world. I always will.

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