Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Internet Loss

I went to post last night and I had no internet. Grrrr. I called Charter and they said there was an outage. So I got on this morning and it was still out. After an hour of trying everything, it started working again. No reason why it came back, but I am not questioning it. I am just glad to be back.

Yesterday after a quick errand, Ping and I went to the new Lutheran Social Services office in Worcester. They didn't really move, they just moved from upstairs to downstairs. We went to see JC, our social worker who we are friends with and who did the home study for Ping's adoption. We hadn't seen JC in quite a time, so it was nice to visit. Ping was enjoying some fruit when she looked up at JC and said to her "Thanks for bringing me home." JC and I looked at each other because we truly didn't get what she was saying. So I said "Sweetie, can you say that again, did you say something about going home?" Ping said again "Thank you for bringing me home." All JC and I could do was look at each other with amazement. Neither one of us are ever speechless, but this was one of those moments. JC said "Oh sweetie, I didn't do anything." Well yes, she really did. If she didn't approve us to adopt from China, we wouldn't have Ping. I truly can't believe how insightful my daughter is at times. JC asked if that was scripted. It was not in the least. I couldn't have coached her on that. All I can say is that I will never forget it. It was truly a special moment. Ping truly blows me away at times. She does every day, but some things she says are just so extra special. It must have been the cake she was eating. It made her extra sweet.

It was such a busy day because after going to the open house, we went home for a few hours and then back out to ice skating. She did a great job. She just needs to learn to glide and to use two feet. She tends to use one foot and drag the other. It's frustrating and funny at the same time. Ping got her first ribbon for completing the Tot 1 program. She is now moving onto Tot 2! Yay. The Program Director gave her a ribbon, a sheet saying she passed and

The rest of the night was spent at home. Bill is sick with a sore throat and Ping has a terrible cold, so they laid pretty low.

So today I walked around with the Lysol. I don't know why I bother, but I do. It eventually always catches me. They will be the healthy two as I go down for the count.

I have a Tastefully Simple party to attend tonight. I am helping my recruit Marisa do her first party.

That is about it for now.

Mama Out!!!!!

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