Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well I woke up yesterday with another cold. This is on top of the recent sinus infection I have had. I am starting to wonder if I will ever get healthy again. Poor Ping is sick with a cold too. She is still running around though, so it's not keeping her down.

Yesterday morning, Bill dropped off Sasha to get her teeth cleaned. I hate having to do that to her. The poor thing has been out of the house three times in the last few weeks. She got a hair cut, had a wellness/shot appt. and now her teeth cleaning. She did great though. I hope she feels good. She is young to have tooth issues. I guess it's just one of those things that she is going to have an issue with. Bill raced to get her and then to get home since we had a 5:30 pm teacher conference. We got there and nobody else was there. I knew something was wrong. I guess I had the wrong night. So odd of me to do that, but I did. Good thing the school is less than a mile away. It was just stressful because of getting Sasha and trying to get home on time.

Today my Mom would have been 72 years of age. So very young. My dad died 12 years ago today. God I miss them. Mom will have been gone for 2 years as of this Saturday. Not a fan of November for good reason. I bought a birthday card and went to the cemetary today. I am so grateful to have them close to me. I know that sounds odd, but they are 2 houses away at a beautiful cemetary. I rather they be there than some huge cemetery in another town or state.

I spent an hour napping in my chair while Ping played. I find that I feel better after I have had a little nap, so I am trying to sneak one in while I am sick. For the most part, I don't get to nap because that is when Ping is extra thirsty or needs a toy she can't reach!!!!!! Tonight we had the parent teacher conference. Ping is doing excellent. She is coming along great, her language is great, she is truly doing great. We just need to work on more rhyming skills such as bat and hat or rock and sock. I am so pleased with how she is doing. She does pay attention and she interacts with her friends very well. Miss Dixon did say that at circle time, they tend to have Ping sit on a little round plastic thing that bounces a little. She has so much energy. This helps her pay attention. Ping is a nut. She is always doing something. She has a ton of energy. It is surprising that I am not a 110 lbs!!!! I wonder why she can't sit still and yet the other students can. I do think some of it is that she is an only child. She isn't playing with others all day long and night, so that may make a small difference. She isn't off the walls and not able to pay attention. She can absolutely focus on a task, she is just a bundle of spunk!

Speaking of spunk, she got into my bed and pleaded to stay there. What could I say, the girl has a cold. Just what we all need. We need to be breathing in each others faces!!!!

Well off for now. Hope you enjoy the video. I thought it was cute.

Mama Out!!!!!

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