Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It doesn't get much dumber than this

Today was a really busy day. We are expecting the kids tomorrow, so I had to run around and get a few items. I also had a dentist appointment. I had a cracked cavity. I needed to make a return at a store and stopped by the antique store and bought a desk. That was unexpected.

So I went to swimming, picked up Ping and headed to the dentist where I kindly reminded him that I do not want Novocaine. So he went about fixing the crack and I thought to myself, this is a breeze. He didn't have to drill down far. There was no pain and I wasn't clenching my fingers. It was also a very quick procedure since it was just a little fixing he had to do. Then for some god awful reason, I stuck my tongue under the drill. Don't ask me how I did it or why I did it. I seriously felt like I had lost where my tongue was from holding it for awhile. Sure enough, the drill caught it. It started to bleed, so he had to put some cotton in the area. He then gave me a little ointment which made my mouth feel like I had been given that awful Novocaine! Needless to say, the ointment wore off fast and I was left with extreme pain. It's hard to eat or drink right now. I know by tomorrow it will be much better. I ripped the underside of the tongue, so it's not bandaidable. How is that for a new word? Like I said, by tomorrow, it should be better. At least that is my hope!!!

Other than that mishap, the rest of the day has gone well. We are both exhausted from getting the house ready for the children that are coming in the morning. I guess on that note, I should head to bed. There is more to do tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!!

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