Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yay, some computer time for Mommy!!!!!

Yesterday I called Bill and told him that I was a "Rockin Wife and Mama." Not only did I get Ping to school on time with the other two wee ones in tow, but when I picked Ping up, I went to the dry cleaners to drop off Bill's shirts, to CVS to drop off Bill's prescription, to Paxton to pick up some free kids videos and then back to CVS to pick up Bill's prescription. I felt like I accomplished a ton with three kids. I know it's nothing magnificent, but I felt good about getting a few things accomplished. What makes it even better is that the kids got up at 5:30 am!!!!! That is just crazy. They have been warned to not try that again. So both Bill and I dragged through out the day. Him at work and me with the kids.

Last night, Ping's school had a bike safety fair. There was a bouncy house, a clinic you could bring your stuffed animal to, music, a raffle, face painting and tattoos. The three kids had a ball. Unfortunately, there were a few meltdowns as well. Little Yamira had a fit because she had to get out of the bounce house. She had a tantrum with the crying and screaming. Ping followed suit! UGH. It was trying. Bill and I both wanted to walk away. I heard one woman say "I remember those days!" Once we got Yamira to calm herself, we were able to get them some tattoos and their arms painted. The stuff was thick as glue and awful, so the minute we got home, we had to wash the stuff off. They were not too happy with us. Whatever!!!!

Getting the three to bed was a job and a half. Yamira can't settle herself and it throws off Manny and Ping. After some time, Bill and Ping laid down with her and that solved that problem. Bill and Ping then came into bed with me. I was face down in bed at 8:30 pm. I haven't gone to bed that early in 20 years. I didn't intend to. I just passed out. I kept waking up though. Finally around 2:30 am, I got up and did a little cleaning and shut all the lights off. The house was like a lit up Christmas tree.

This morning, the kids got up early. Can't remember the time. Bill brought them down for breakfast. I dragged my butt out of bed around 9:00 am. Got the girls dressed, fed them lunch, got Manny down for a nap, did Ping's hair and make up for her big recital, greeted the babysitter and headed out the door. We had to drop Ping off at 1:15 pm. Bill and I got into line with my friend Kirsten. It was muggier than hell and pouring rain. We stood in a hallway for 30 minutes before filing into the auditorium. The recital was long and a lot of it didn't interest me, but Ping was as cute as a button and I was so, so proud of her. She didn't want to watch the rest of it, but I did. I wanted to see the dances and the costumes. Never mind the fact that I had peace and quiet for once in days. Well as quiet as a recital can be! We got home around 5:30 pm. Heidi said the kids were fairly well behaved. They had their moments, but for the most part, they were okay. Unfortunately, the house was a mess. I went upstairs and found all of Manny's clothes ripped out of the drawers and their books all over their room. So I cleaned that all up. I then got all of them into their pajamas while Bill cooked dinner. I had dinner plans with some other mom's who have adopted. I was suppose to leave at 6:00, but didn't get out of the house till 6:30. I felt bad leaving Bill, but this was made two months ago! The rain was awful and I was tired, but I went anyway. Bill fed the kids and put them to bed. He said it wasn't easy as Yamira was difficult again. I guess Ping asked Daddy if he missed our little family. So cute.

I have to share what Ping said in bed last night. Very sweetly and in a tired little voice, Ping says to me "Mama, if Yamira doesn't calm down, will you have to kick her ass." So not right, but so damn funny!

Anyway, I had dinner with three other women. I had a 1/2 of a chicken spring roll and a few cucumbers in Greek yogurt. Neither one thrilled me, but it was okay. I brought the rest home for Bill. He was ecstatic until he walked out of the kitchen with all the leftovers and dumped the plate. The plate and food crashed. The plate broke into a million pieces. Corelle does that unfortunately. He was so displeased!

Well that is it for tonight. I am going to post some photos and hit the sheets. The kids are up way too early for my liking and Bill isn't letting me sleep in like he did when it was just Ping.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Popsicle fun.

Bouncy slide.



Ready for her recital.

Recital, 2nd from right.

Her crown for doing a great job. She is with her friend Molly. So cute.



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