Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week in review

It is Sunday afternoon and I am here catching up on the blog. Ping and Yamira are at my feet or up my butt coloring. Your choice which one. They wanted to be with me. God forbid they give me some breathing room. Manny is supposed to be sleeping upstairs, but he has yet to pass out. That is odd for him as he is great about napping usually. Bill is cleaning out the car. I can't stand the mess in the car or in the garage. So hopefully, he is cleaning out both. Neesha is sitting on my desk staring at me. Why can't I be alone for 10 minutes? Oh yeah, three cats and three kids. What is this, the dysfunctional Brady Bunch?

So this week has been challenging. We have gone back and forth on keeping the kids. I really want to make it work, but they are so darn difficult. Bill is having a harder time them me. I am getting more used to them. Not sure where we stand with them right now. I will find out more tomorrow. This week we spent a lot of time home. On Tuesday, we were home until we went to ice skating. Both Yamira and Ping ice skated. They did great. Yamira does okay, but spends most of the time on her rear. I didn't sign Ping up again. I will wait till September. Summer is too busy.

I can honestly say that I don't remember what I did on Wednesday. I believe I did a lot of errands and then took the kids outside to play. We did go to Joanne Fabrics and The Christmas Tree Shoppes for a few things for the kids. We got them chairs, craft projects, sand pails and such.

On Thursday, we were home for most of the day. We did play outside. It wasn't a good day at all. The youngest two were off the walls with poor behavior. That night I went to a Pampered Chef party at my friend's house. I brought Ping so she could play with my friend's daughter.

On Friday, we went to the playground in the afternoon with Jillian and her oldest little man. We had a great time. The weather was good and it was so nice to be with another foster mom who could see the behaviors that I have been complaining about. Jillian is no wall flower, so she yelled at the kids for a little while. I got a nice break. The funniest thing is that I was convinced that the other families thought we were crazy and probably gay. Then Jillian said "They may think we are J A Y, I am not sure." She said something like that. I just burst out laughing because I wasn't sure what J A Y was! Jillian swears she said G A Y, but I said she spelled it with a J. It was funny. I will be J A Y with her any day. She is a good friend and a good source of support. Hopefully I am that for her as well. After the playground, we came back and Bill fed everyone pizza. I had a few bites. It was good. After everyone went to bed, I went to the ER. For some reason, my thumb has been hurting me for a few days. Well as the day went on, it was getting hotter and swollen, so I decided I best have it looked at. So I sat in the ER by myself for 4 or so hours. The doctor put a needle right into the painful area and then cut it open and tried to get the stuff out. He thought there was something in there. He got out a little pus. He dug as far as he could. It was bleeding pretty good. He then bandaged it, gave me some antibiotics and some Vicodin for the pain and off I went at 1:30 am. I was exhausted. There are some scary folks in the ER!

Saturday came and off to CVS I went to fill my prescriptions. We then went to Brooke's 4 year old birthday party in Baldwinville. We had a nice time. The kids went in the bouncy house and the pool. When we got home, we fed them and put them to bed. I caught up on a few shows, did my nails and went to bed when Ping came down to see where we were. One major thing I had to tonight was get a few bugs worked out with my computer. Very frustrating issues, but things are better now.

Today we are going to do a few returns. Manny never napped. We were going to go out, but the weather was going to be iffy and I didn't want to drive somewhere to end up stuck in the rain! I also killed a fly and the bugger is still on my window. I must go clean that.

Hope all is well.

Mama Out!!!!!!

The chef.

The men at skating. They look alike to me in many ways. Right down to the blue necklace.

Yamira skating.

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